Top Android Games to Look Out for in 2017

Google Play store has a pretty good selection of Android games to pick from. Android gaming is becoming a popular pastime and being able to take the action mobile makes it even better. You can choose from a variety of puzzlers, sports or action-adventure. There’s sure to be ones to please even the pickiest of gamers.

Here is a short list of Android games that caught our attention:

The Bard’s Tale

You’ll have to have a powerful Android phone to play this huge role playing game (RPG). It offers over 30 hours of game play. It’s not just ANY game play though. Its dynamic visuals, incredible details, fully developed characters and quests. You’ll have to conquer enemies, travel the world, meet NPC’s, gather armor for protection, raid the stores of treasures and collect the weapons. Bard’s Tale is not disappointing in looks or action. If you want a serious RPG to play on your Android device, this is the perfect one.

Killer Escape

Can you see yourself making your way through a creepy space, investigating territory you’ve never seen before and before you know it, out comes a serial killer to get you! Killer Escape brings you into a wacky world of serial killers and puzzles. The game play isn’t that difficult or long. The best part is its just good, old-fashioned click-and-point control fun.

Baseball Super Stars 2011

This is another game app that will require a good Android device to run the 2011 version. Since it hasn’t really enjoyed the undeniable benefits of MLB branding, it hasn’t become super popular, but it’s garnished a loyal following all the same. The straightforward control and game play make it a quick favorite of all baseball fans that try it. PLUS you get to pick a cool team name like the Dolphins, or the Dragons. The exquisite detail and down to earth gaming fun really shine through with this game by Gamevil.

top android games

Plague Inc

The really neat thing about this app is that it’s an indie developed creation and sensation. You are charged with the duty of infecting the entire world with a disease, or virus if you prefer, that will wipe mankind off the face of the earth. If people are able to survive it and develop immunities, well…you lose. This is the perfect game for those times when you just with the whole world would get off your back and die. Remember it IS just a game, right?

Crazy Snowboard

Crazy Snowboard isn’t a fancy or complicated performance game. It’s just a game that caters to the avid snowboarder that wants to get the sensation of being on the hill and making the grade. Simply turn your Android sideways and use simple steering motion to aim your direction down the hill. There are two small circles in the lower corners of the screen. Tapping the right will make you jump and tapping the left helps with some more intricate maneuvers. The controls take a time or two to get used to, but once you do it’s a lot of fun!

Ant Raid

There is a bug invasion with your name on it! You’ll have to battle ants at a fast pace, using increasingly difficult methods of extermination. It’s challenging, addictive and easy to control. There is a lot of comedy to the story and the great sound effects and music keep you entertained. This is one the whole family will get into. As the action gears up and the bugs get more aggressive, the game will show you what you need to do to win. Knowing and doing are two different things. Are you up to the challenge?

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  1. Above all android games are my favorite . In this Crazy Snowboard is the awesome game . and i also loved “subway surfers “.

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