Top 8 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites

WordPress is arguably a singled out blogging platform on the Internet, despite there being no dearth of impressive open-source platforms as well. You can wager to have a good time setting up your site with eCommerce, and when it comes specifically to the plugins for eCommerce sites, the resourcefulness is further multiplied. WordPress plugins have a large gravitas to their making, and they are lapped up so eagerly thanks to the multiple capabilities they lend the website owner with. Here are a few eCommerce plugins by WordPress that makes you root for it with greater surety:


eShop is a plugin that comes with not a lot of fuss. It is effective, easy to use and easy to access, making it one of the most sought-after tools for the eCommerce sites. Listing the line of products through this plugin is a breeze and so is customizing the blog according to your own convenience. Users find it extremely easy to navigate through the different offerings on your site and make the eventual purchase. The payment gateways are also optimized for simplicity and security and you can use the plugin to check the progress of your online business through various insightful statistics.

Quick Shop Plugin

The Quick Shop plugin expedites the online shopping procedure for customers by the virtue of its slick features. The customer’s shopping cart is displayed at the sidebar of the page, which keeps the chosen set of products at the top of their minds. The plugin comes with Paypal that lends it credibility as the customers feel more secure while exchanging their account information with the website. TinyMCE button makes it possible for the users to add a product to their personal page.

Cart 66 Lite

If you are running an eCommerce site that offers a flock of products and services, Cart 66 Lite is the ideal plugin. It integrates Amazon S3 with your products and optimizes the shipping process as well. As the name suggests, the plugin does not burden the website, yet it offers powerful features that lend you with amazing capabilities. Placing ads using this plugin is also a feature very much on the mark. The plugin lets you seamlessly manage products by using the custom fields.

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One of the most downloaded plugins when it comes to eCommerce, Woocommerce offers power-packed commerce features that give you the freedom to sell a huge range of products through your website. It has a dashboard widget for gauging the performance of your business and the fact that it is supported by the Woo brand, there is an escalated reliability that comes with downloading the plugin. The plugin is also elegance personified and helps in creating a personalized product catalogue.


WPdeposit stays true to its name and provides new-fangled functionality in the form of a deposit system. This system can be leveraged for advertisements, contact forms and subscriptions. The plugin keeps a stringent check on the incoming and outgoing data when a transaction is taking place. You are provided with a manual which empowers you to make powerful customizations on the website and equip it with advanced features.

WP E-Commerce Plugin

Along with WooCommerce, WP e-commerce also happens to be one of the most downloaded plugins in the realm of online Commerce. The customers can enjoy a wide range of payment options through cheques and other payment gateways like Paypal. The plugin makes room for extensive customization. You can tailor the look of the website and the plugin also makes tailoring the template feasible.

Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Jigoshop lets you arrange your products and services in a better order. You can organize them according to their attributes and create a full-grown online shop which makes it easy for customers to browse and make purchases. The plugin has great reviews to back it and makes for one resourceful download. Setting up the features for your site with Jigoshop is a task that takes least time, and offers maximum benefits.

PayPal Payment Terminal

Hosting an eCommerce site using this plugin lends you with great many benefits. The customers are enabled to refine products according to their favored specifications. The configurable shipping address feature further bolsters the usefulness of the theme.

The whole line of plugins surely raises the quality bar, as there is no meandering when equipping your online shop with features. Hire the best in WordPress development and choose the plugins that suit your requisites. For the fact that it’s popularity is only getting bigger by the day, WordPress is set to keep coming up with more advanced plugins.

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