Top 6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

The most know, largest online marketing groups in the world are Google Adsense. This group poses a great advantage to any blogger, and being approved by them possess a great enhancement to their revenue growth. A hidden danger lies in the approval process, since if you are denied, Google Adsense will burn you due to their own reasons which are never disclosed. For those who get approved, they have to deal with the constant strict guidelines which have to be followed or else risk being discontinued by Google Adsense.

If you’re not approved you should not feel disheartened but should try and look at the other possibility of adsense alternatives that is available in the market. This alternative can’t be compared to google Adsense revenue generation capabilities but at least you will be able to earn some income from them. Below I shall show you 6 different best adsense alternatives that can be used and are effective.

1. Luminate:

Luminate is an online advertising program that is now the market leader in modifying images to be more interactive. They offer a platform for image application. The amount of clients it serves is enormous. This application works by passing your mouse over an image which later expands it and also reveals the product related information. Keywords that have been linked to the image are taken into account in displaying the related information for the product .


Chitika Inc also includes research in the portfolio as well as being a search-targeted advertising network. Three different products are offered which are ranging from the premium Chitika, the Chitika local and the Chitika mobile.

google adsense alternatives


Kontera is another adsense alternatives which specializes in information services and in-text advertising . It’s the market leader in in text advertising for your site, unique contextual ads.


Bidvertiser program is a PPC based like google adsense, and delivers compact customizable advertisements that are content based. You can sell to the highest bidder when using Bidvertisers, since it allows this kind of system to work. Advertisers are only paid when visitors click the sites they have placed advertisements.


Infolinks is also an best adsense alternatives which provides pay per click In-Text advertising services to its clients. The feature available on this service provider are various and the buffets are well sought after by many advertisers. With them you are assured by people clicking your site because they actually deliver the most clicks through rates in the advertising world.

6.Technorati Media:

Technorati Media are into social network advertisement, and deliver targeted advertising from top brands at big CBM. With there national sales teams who has made is possible for Technorati media to be successful, they have gotten a good record working with.


These google adsense alternative sure help you to earn some decent amount of money.Even if you have adsense approved account but which is not permanent make sure to find alternative income stream rather depending on one.I hope you all enjoyed reading this google adsense alternative feel free to share your experience thought in comments section

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’ve got a few site ideas in mind and I might try Chitika on one or two of them. I’m not sure they would work well on my blog. I could just advertise the affiliate program I guess.

  2. Hi Shameem, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing Infolinks with your readers. Infolinks is a great AdSense alternative and even more so, a fantastic complement to AdSense for those looking to boost their earnings even more. Happy blogging!

  3. I think that is a good Adsense alternative but Chitika is also pretty good. I have never tried Kontera or the other ad networks on your list, but if my adsense account get disabled, I will check your list again.

  4. Hi Shameem,

    I’ve applied for Google Adsense many times but I never got approved. Their guidelines are very strict and it does take some time to get your website approved.

    From your list I only tried BidVertizer but I didn’t like them to much. Their ads aren’t very relevant to the content I have on my website. I’m definitely gonna check out the other ad networks you mentioned here.
    Have you used them all?

    Thanks for sharing this list Shameem, enjoy your day.


    1. Google adsense have strict guidelines for approval better you can have some alternatives to generate revenue.I have worked with 4 sites except luminate and technorati media.Hope you will find some best sites on them and wish your comment once you try all

  5. My adsense account had disabled due to invalid click activity since 13 Oct 2015. I have appealed 2 times but it rejected, i never tried to violate any of terms & conditions of adsense. Tell me please can i apply for adsense through another email address for the same blogs. If not then recommend me best alternatives of adsense.

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