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Dealing with administrative tasks is a “must do” in any job.  If you are a webmaster, developer, or are an IT professional in any other capacity, then admin tasks can be frustrating, no matter how essential they are. It is not doing the tasks themselves that are often frustrating, but the fact that they all seem to be quick tasks but ones that add up to take a big chunk out of your day.

Thankfully, there are a number of apps that IT professionals can use to take care of their admin needs and cut down a lot of the time they spend doing these tasks, allowing them to focus on the other important matters that need addressing.

Several apps are available across a variety of platforms for use on desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices.

We’ve looked at the top five such apps to help with server admin that you’ll find available on Android marketplaces.

android server apps


This is a great app that allows you to manage many different configurations at once, while also working as a SCP, SFTP, and FTPS client. One feature that attracts many IT professionals to this app is the ability to download and upload files, as well as manage sharing across your platform.

For companies that employ large IT teams, such a feature enables them to deploy their experts in the field as well as having a team working in the office; as these servers can be accessed from anywhere via the app, it is easy to ensure all the admin tasks are done when needed.

In addition, files can be deleted and renamed, while administrators can also manage permissions for different servers from within AndFTP.


This is a purpose built Android app that is recommended for use with Linux servers. ConnectBot is also a “Secure Shell” client, meaning IT professionals are assured of security when sending or receiving data from their mobile device, answering a key concern that many business leaders have relating to the use of such apps and cloud computing in general.

If you use more than one server monitoring platform or are an independent IT administrator working across various platforms, ConnectBot allows you to easily move and copy and paste configurations if you need to, which might serve to make your job easier if you’re an organized individual.

Server Monitor

Server Monitor gets its place on this list because it has the most potential to evolve into an exceptional app. It is already a good one armed with a range of features, including multi-protocol support, although Linux server functions are not currently supported.

Fing – Network Tools

This app offers multi-protocol support and is available across a range of platforms, meaning you can still use it and sync your server data if you have an Android device but your employer uses Apple systems, for example.

Fing is one of the highest rated apps in the Android marketplace and is an excellent all-round network management solution.

Linux Monitor

Clearly, this app is aimed at a specific market, but it is so good we simply had to include it here. You can view all your Linux servers from the app and complete all your necessary tasks, although one downside is that you cannot monitor your servers simultaneously, which may be a problem depending on how many you are managing for your clients.

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