Top 10 Entertainment Apps Of 2013

Android apps change all the time. We have become a technical world with our tablets and smart phones. Most people take them when they are on the go. Now even are children are sporting these smart phones and tablets. Tablets and smartphones are a great way to use Google maps. You can look for anything on google maps. Even places like Dominion Theatre London. So the question remains, with all the new android apps, which ones are the top ten of 2013? Number one is Word4Pics: 4 Pics 1 Word. This app is a very addictive game that simply gives you four pictures and you need to give one word that all the pics have in common. Sounds simple enough.

The second top app for 2013 is Temple Run 2. Temple Run is a bigger better version of the original game Temple Run. Navigating cliffs and take a ride on the zip line has never been easier with this action packed game.

Third top app for 2013 is Subway Surfers (Kindle Fire Edition). With this app you are helping Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape the grumpy professor and his dog. This app has vivid color and allows you to do Hoverboard surfing. You can even grind trains with your awesome crew.

top 10 apps

In fourth place of course is Angry Birds. Those little noisy birds that you use a sling shot to shoot at random things to complete your course. One would have thought this would have been higher on the list.

Spot number five belongs to Netflix. You know, the online streaming movie app that put all local DVD rental stores out of business? Who doesn’t like being able to watch your movie any place that offers a wifi connection. It is another example of the places technology has taken us.

Now, number six is King’s Bounty: Legions. With this app you can build your with fantasy creatures. Find allies and defeat your enemies all to save the King’s Bounty. With the best soldiers and the most effective equipment, this app is sure to be a blast.

I bet you are wondering what the top last four apps are of 2013. If you think about the apps you have on your smart phone or tablet, do you think you could guess?

These are the last four top apps of 2013.

#7: Baby Care & Dress Up – Play, Love and Have Fun with Babies

#8: WATCH Disney Channel

#9: Extreme Road Trip 2

#10: Facebook

This is your list of the top ten apps used for 2013. There are a few you would think would be in the number one and two positions. Regardless, these are all awesome fun apps.

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  1. Nice collection Shameem! I have a temple run in my smartphone and still planning to get Netflix to get my favorite movies online. By the way, are there any apps that can identify Wifi passwords? Just curious!

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