Tips To Increase Life Of Your Laptop

You cart your laptop all through your daily life and use it to the maximum. But, portability of the laptops makes it all the more vulnerable to faster depreciation. Yes, a dozen of stories have been posted about enhancing the life of the laptops but, here we shall explain what are the most common mistakes done by the users and easy tips how you can fix them. Here are some easy tips to enhance the life of your precious investment.

There are several steps to extend your laptop’s life, but at first, it is crucial to find where you are going wrong. Amongst the deadliest mistakes done by the user, one of it not fine-tuning the factory setting, keeping your battery charged always, memory and backup, cooling as well as overheating problems, hygiene and normal depreciation from the constant transportation of the gadget.

Factory Settings

Similar to your Smartphones, factory settings (precisely brightness) is often quite greater than required for any avid user. By altering the setting on your laptop to a level at which you are comfy, you will lose lesser battery and help your eyes by not over stressing them with excessive brightness. With so many people using laptops before they sleep, brightness of the screen is a big issue. Thibodeaux stated “it is not good for the eyes to constantly look at a bright laptop screen and then going to bed”.

Got a Buzzing Sound from your Laptop, Don’t wait for it to go!

laptop battery life increase

If you listen to a loud, buzzing noise from your laptop, send it for service as soon as possible. There are only two major moving elements in the laptop that can produce that whining noise- the hard disk drive and the built-in ventilation. And, any noise coming from them will lead to the failure of that equipment. Waiting for the sound to end is inviting more trouble. Either you will lose all your data as your hard disk will crash or any element of your laptop will burn out and your laptop will stop functioning which will further decrease the life of your laptop.

Buy a keyboard protector or opt for an external keyboard

It is the keyboard of the laptop that gets largest physical depreciation in the laptop. While available for extensive use, one the keyboard gets damaged it cannot be replaced and it is quite a nightmare if not maintained properly. As laptops are more often used while eating food and other bits and pieces like staple pins, and common pins, they are prone to higher keyboard issue.

A keyboard protector will safeguard the keyboard from all the stray matter. To lower the wear and tear of the keys, you can also attach an external keyboard while you are using the keyboard extensively at work.

Charge your battery more often

Batteries in a laptop are built to work without being constantly plugged into an electric resource. Thus, the laptop batteries hold a predefined number of charging cycle and completely used and then again charged in their lifetime cycle. There are many people who makes use of laptop as the main gadget during their office and leave the laptop plugged in while they are regularly working on the same, but it is advisable to drain the battery life before switching the plug back into charge.

Cooling and Overheating

Rigorous use of laptop or by leaving it plugged too often may cause overheating in laptops.  It is crucial to ensure that the computer breathers and it cannot do so while it is constantly laid on the couch or bed. The recent Stony Brook University research states one should hold a pillow or a small laptop desk in between the user and the laptop.


Always make sure that you don’t use the laptop when you can affect it maximum. Always ensure that you keep it a place where there are no temperature extreme, at a place where it won’t be stepped upon or get damaged, where crumbs an spills don’t fall on the keyboard and where too much dust doesn’t flies over it. Use a gentle lubricant to clean the screen of your laptop and protect it from all types of scratches and use a scree guard for that.

Wear and Tear

Depending on the portability of the laptops, you can carry laptops by throwing them in the bags or on the backseat of your coupe. It is important to carry them out in a safer manner by investing in a good laptop case or sleeve along with a padded bag.

Power off the laptop properly

One way to cut short the life of your laptop is by stuffing it in your bag while it is powered on. While this is not something that everyone does deliberately, accidents can happen when users just click on shut down and put the laptop in bag without shutting it down properly. The operating system or the applications of the laptop may hang during the course of power down. There are many cases in which the laptop is left open in the bag till the time the whole battery is drained completely. So, always check that your laptop is powered off well before keeping it in bag.

Service your Laptop from time to time

A regular visit to the service centre keeps you aware about the functions and malfunctions of your laptop.  It’s hardly a perfect world and hence, everything needs repaired and serviced from time to time. This will allow you to get aware of the new problems that may come up with time.

Thus, with so many easy tips you can easily keep your laptop updated and risk free. It will enhance the lifetime of your battery and laptop overall. So, give your laptop a better life by inculcating all these good habits and enhance its productivity and life duration. Keeping a check on the functioning and usability of your laptop from time to time can also help in increasing the life of your laptop. So, practice them and make your life simpler.

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