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The MP4 format is commonly used for almost all the movies and videos as it offers great quality and it is used in many multimedia devices such as PSP, iPod and iPhone.  You can easily cover MP4 to DVD now as many software have been introduced for this purpose.  The need usually arises when you want to watch some video on your home DVD player or TV instead of the iDevices.

Sometimes the MP4 videos or movies that we have are not compatible with all forms of media.  This gets quite inconvenient. But if you have converted MP4 to DVD for your Mac then things will get easier for you.  If you find the MP4 video to be of poor quality video or sound, then converting it into DVD can help improve both.  It can improve the visual and audio quality and you can enjoy watching the movie or video through DVD on TV instead of the small hand handled device. Apart from this, you can watch various movies with your family and have a great time together.

Make sure you find the best ripper to convert MP4 to DVD. The Aimersoft DVD Creator to convert MP4 to DVD Mac is a professional DVD converter that can make you directly burn the MP4 videos and movies onto DVD.  A good thing is that the software does not only converts MP4 videos but also the ones with formats WMV, MPG, FLV, MOV, MKV etc.

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Here are the tips on how to convert MP4 to DVD Mac

  • Once you have downloaded the program, you need to drag the target MP4 files into it.  The files that will be loaded will be shown in the thumbnail. You are free to arrange them as you want.  With the media browser you can import media files from iTunes, iMovies and iPhoto.
  • The file that is loaded can also be edited. You can click on the Edit button to enter into the interface where editing can be done. The program allows you to crop, trim, add effects, watermarks and rotate the video before burning. If you want to change the templates then you can do that too. The program lets the user to customize the video according to one’s needs. For this you can click on the Advanced Setting.
  • To start the burning, select DVD from the output options and then click Start to begin the conversion.   After this you can have fun watching the movie or video on any device.

Important: If the conversion stops in the middle, then just eject the DVD from your DVD drive and then start over all again.   It is better that you burn the video to ISO file before burning into DVD.  This will help you avoid delays and the conversion won’t stick.

So, if you want to have fun watching quality videos on big screen rather than the hand handled devices then do get this program.

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