Three Issues With The New iPhone 5

The long anticipated iPhone 5 was released approximately 2 months ago, reached sales that cleared the inventory of the phones in some retail stores. Customers formed lines at retail stores as if waiting in the delivery room for their first child, only to be disappointed that the supply was not able to meet the demand for all those waiting in line. With all the hype surrounding the announcement, one would have assumed that the iPhone 5 was the first born to the line of iPhone devices. With the devices being in the hands of 5 million people after the first week of sales, users have experienced a few glitches in some of the features.

Poor Wi-Fi

Some users have reported a problem with Wi-Fi reception on the iPhone 5. At the present time, it has been reported that Wi-Fi connectivity is not a problem but the problem lies with the ability to maintain a Wi-Fi connection. Customers have experienced drops with the Wi-Fi connection without a hint of the connection being dropped until they received a bill for overage on their 3G data plan. A reduction in download time and speed is quite evident on some of the handsets. With this connectivity problem, it is uncertain if this is a hardware issue, a provider issue, or an issue with the operating system. To be certain that you do not go over you allotted plan amount, it would be wise to check data usage as often as possible.

Poor Call Quality
A number of users have reported verbal communication problems between callers. Users say they have placed calls where the quality was so terrible; they had to terminate the call. It seems that the caller is unable to hear the person whom they have called, but the person called was able to hear the caller clearly. Again, it is not clear if this is a hardware problem or carrier problem.

iphone issues

Screen Gap
One problem found with the iPhone 5 is easily identifiable and there is a solution to this problem. The front screen, on some of the phones that have been sold, has a space between the glass screen and the frame of the phone. There are some videos on the internet that instruct you how to repair this particular problem. The video shows a tedious process of removing the screen from the frame of the phone. The screen cannot be entirely lifted from the frame until the three cables at the top of the phone are disconnected. Disconnecting the cables is quite an easy task, but putting the cables back into place is somewhat sensitive. While in the process of reconnecting the cables there is too much pressure put on them, you might find yourself having to purchase another phone. The video does have a warning with it for you to proceed with caution and try at your own risk.

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