The Google Nexus One – Great Smartphone

The Google have launched its Nexus One Smartphone that includes a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen display, a 5MP digital camera along with an LED flash-light as well as auto focus feature. Integration of Google Voice, they’re expecting that this smartphone will turn out to be the top touchscreen phone of the market.

Google Nexus One Specifications:

This smartphone is operated with a newest Android Mobile Operating System, with edition 2.1. Google Nexus One features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a RAM of 512MB along with a 32GB equipped micro-SD card slot. Too much resembling looks with the Apple iPhone as compared to many different smartphone presently available in the market. Google Nexus One is just 11.5mm thick as well as has a weight of only 130g, smaller sized compared to Apple iPhone in each matters. When it comes to functioning of this smartphone, display screen features 4 touch keys (Search, Back, Home and Menu) and also the smartphone also contains a trackball directing product which adjusts color in accordance with the notice you’re getting. It has an incredible 3.7″ AMOLED display screen exactly where the majority of your functionality appears, and also it has 480×800-pixel resolution, which is considered as currently the most suitable touchscreen phone display screen.

Google Nexus One, exactly as you expected, has many unique software program and functions which creates utilizing the smartphone an enjoyment.

Features of Google Nexus One:

google nexus one

The Google Voice enables you to create voice triggered texts and calls. The majority of the apps accessible on this smartphone such as a microphone key – that changes your voice into the text message by having quite exact words. Google Nexus One includes a 2nd microphone that is utilized for noise cancelling, creating a smaller amount of background noises as well as cleaner calls. A 5MP camera comes with flash-light, which enables the users to take brighter pictures in low-light places. The videos are usually shot @ 20fps or even greater.

When it comes to appearances, Live Wallpaper provides the Nexus One a genuine amaze feeling. Most of these animated wallpapers are work together with touch. Even though they provide no specialized advantages and is a drain in the smartphone’s battery because they work hard to provide smartphone an excellent appear.

The shape of Google Nexus One is produced from a couple of different elements. The metallic body covers the front side as well as edges of smartphone. The battery casing as well as base of Google Nexus One is covered with Teflon, providing a rubber and solid look. Google Nexus One is really a fashionable appearing touchscreen phone delivered to fight with Apple iPhones and many other brands of the planet.

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