The Complex World Of Gadget Patents

Patents that are applied to gadgets such as smartphones and other hand-held devices are complex in nature. Even Google’s Eric Schmidt said he wouldn’t comment on smartphone patent war because he didn’t understand the full details.

Majority of gadget patents are based on software and codes, but some include a physical outcome. Patents are infringed upon when someone else makes something that results in has similar performance and features as the patent that has already been granted covers. Gadget designs can also be infringed, which requires the appealing party to show that the infringing design looks quite similar to the one that has been covered.

Law firms that handle patent laws like King & Spalding’s Steven Guynn are aware they’re at the cutting edge of everything that’s changing all the time. Several law firms that specialize in patent advisory and legal work have shown up in recent times, with lawyers that are swift and up to date with the latest developments in high-tech patents.

For some firms, patents are volatile. Some lawyers in these firms work as outside advisers  suggesting the options available and advising creditors to take a different route, such as licensing the patents.

As competition in the gadget and smartphone industry increases with time, companies have made a point that even the slightest unique feature can go main stream, giving an edge to the inventing company. Top companies engage in lawsuit filing, claiming the rights to their patents and banning or blocking rival product or product features altogether. Some industry experts argue that their goal is to land a license fee, which is possible if the feature is a major part of the infringing company’s creation.

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Companies all over the world saw the opportunity provided by smartphone and other handheld devices. They acted as mini-computers, making a huge impact. Nokia, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Samsung are just a few names who pounced on the opportunity.

Besides striving to be the market leader, these companies have also been battling for patents. For example, conventional phone manufacturers claimed Apple has infringed the designs of their data transmission, while the Cupertino Company accused others for copying their designs.

Due to the eruption of legal disputes between companies in the last few years, law firms have been playing a key role in setting disputes, seeing through licensing deals as well as buying and selling patents. Patent law firms are likely to offer more specialized services in the future as they continue to study the complexity of these patents.

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