The Changing Face Of Bingo

Bingo has come a long way in the past decade. From being a game that had a bit of a joke reputation as an old people’s game, it’s now played by over 100 million people online around the world. And it’s not just silver surfers, either. Online bingo attracts players young and old, male and female.

And looking at some of the prizes up for grabs on progressive jackpot games , it’s no wonder. But it’s not just the prizes that draw people to playing bingo – it’s also the fact that you can play a game any time, wherever you are, for pennies or even for free.

For example, Costa Bingo has launched its mobile platform and this has made it possible for people to play bingo on the move now. It means that you can play a few games on the bus or train on the way to and from work, or when you’ve got five minutes to kill waiting for an appointment. Costa Bingo does free bingo games which are exclusively for mobile and tablet users where there is a guaranteed £500 prize fund available each day. Of course, there are thousands of other games that you can play on your mobile, but not all of them offer you the chance of winning money in such an easy fashion!

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For those people who already play online bingo on their home pc having the option to take the game with them makes it even more appealing. And although the game may be in a very different format now that it’s online, it has stayed true to the original game played in bingo halls. Essentially, the goal is the same – to be the first to get all the numbers on your cards marked off. All you need to do is choose the game you want to play and how many cards you want for it. As the software takes the concentration side of the game out of it, it means you can play a few different games at a time, and just enjoy the time chatting to other bingo players in the bingo chat rooms without having to ‘worry’ about the game.

It’s the convenience of online bingo that is the real reason so many people have been won over to the game. When you’re just waking up on the way into work and you don’t feel like reading the paper, there’s nothing easier than starting a game of bingo on your mobile. It gives you something to while away the time. And it’s a great way to unwind on the way home from work; focusing on the progress of your bingo ticket will mean that all the stresses of the day get pushed out of the way and you can clear your head.

It’s difficult to predict how bingo will progress from here – but inevitably the way we play will change again in the next ten years. In the meantime, it looks like its move to mobile will make it even more popular than it had already become.

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