The Best Sports Headphones

Are you planning to buy headphones? If it is a sports headphone then it should definitely be different from the regular ones you generally come across. Sports headphones are specially designed according to the requirements of that particular sport.

They are created according to the ergonomics of the sports and intensity of physical effort a person puts in for a particular event. Thus, a swimmer’s headphone is expected to be waterproof so that it remains active even 12 feet below the water level! Similarly, earplugs are best options for runners or joggers so that they do not create sweat in their ears during the hottest summer months. Moreover, such headphones remain fixed inside the earlobes and do not come out when the sportsmen change their running or jogging pace.

Now that you have got the idea of the basic features that distinguish sports headphones from the regular varieties, it will be helpful if you know the ones that were identified as the best ones of 2012.

1. Westone 1Sports Headphone

This is a professional quality headphone that has been developed for the comfort of runners, joggers and athletes who spend most of their day in the track. It is in the form of an earphone that will remain firmly installed inside the earlobe. The most impressive feature of this gadget that it is so tiny that you can sleep conveniently while wearing it on! You will never have to compromise on its durability and quality of performance too. You can enjoy its full-range sound by virtue of its single balanced armature driver. It is even backed with two years warranty.

2. Sony Ultra Light Vertical headphone

Best Sports Headphones


This sports headphone is a vertical in-the-ear variety that is specially developed in order to render a snug fit. This ultra slim headband which is additionally provided for the purpose ensures that it will never come out of your ears even when you increase the pace of your running, jogging or walking.

3. Bose IE2 Audio Sports Headphone

This unique product from Bose is much superior options as compared to the conventional earplugs. It remains firmly installed inside your earlobe during exercise and other activities. The superior quality audio features an enhanced acoustic design. This entitles you to enjoy greater musical details and natural sound quality.

4. Motorola Wireless Sports headphone

This heavy-duty sports earphone gives you the pleasure of listening to undistorted HD quality audio even during your intense workout sessions. The ear cushions provided with the same ensure perfect and firm fit. A bonus on this is that this headphone is compatible with almost all the Bluetooth enabled cellphones and music players so that you can share and transfer audio files conveniently.

5. Skullcandy Icon 2 series

The greatest feature of this sports headphone is its attractive design and feather light weight. If you buy this sports headphone, you will be offered a frequency range of 18 to 20 kHz at a much economical price! You will surely appreciate the compact appeal and short headphone cord of the gadget, which is 1.2 m in length only. These help in keeping the device clutter free and light weight.

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