The Benefits Of Cloud Storage

Technology is constantly changing and adapting to make life easier for those who use it for fun and those who use it for business. Many of us technology lovers will have noticed some serious changes in the last few years which have made using certain devices a lot less stressful; the main one being cloud storage. If you’re not quite sure what cloud storage is then chances are you’ll be surprised to learn you have probably used it at least once today. 

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage has been around for some time although we never called it as such. Think about the e-mail provider that you use such as Hotmail or Gmail and how your e-mails are saved. You type in your user name and password, open up your inbox and there they all are. In fact wherever you are in the World you will be able to access that e-mail account as long as you have the login details and an internet connection. This is how cloud storage works, although it has certainly evolved over the last few years. Now we can save everything we have on our devices onto a secure server that can only be accessed by those with the login details and an internet connection. This means that things such as software, folders, files and anything you can possibly think of can be stored on your cloud storage.

Benefits of cloud storage for personal use

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The biggest benefit of cloud storage when using it at home is that you never have to lose anything again! Those with iPhones may already have used the Apple cloud which backs up all your photos and other bits to their online cloud. This means if you lose or break your phone then you can get it all straight back onto a new one. The same applies when it comes to your home computers or laptops. We all store things that we want to keep forever on our devices, especially pictures and memories. If our computers were to break, pick up a virus or get stolen then we would lose all of these things forever. With cloud storage you can automatically back up everything that is saved on your computer so there will never be any worry about losing those memories!

Benefits of cloud storage for business use

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Many businesses now use cloud storage and for good reasons too! As with using cloud storage for personal use there is the added security that nothing is going to be lost if a system or server were to fail. This is particularly important when keeping hold of customer details, accounts and specialist software. With a cloud storage system in place it would simply be a case of logging on with another computer and being back up and running within minutes, instead of hours or days! Not only that but cloud storage can save businesses a fortune on software costs and this is one of the main reasons so many are investing. Instead of forking out for several copies of the same software or wasting valuable time (and money) installing it on each computer you can now access it through your cloud computing server. Each employee could have their own login details which means they are able to use the same software from their own computer. Clever stuff hey?

Cloud storage is constantly growing and many companies like nScaled have started to offer their own packages of varying storage sizes. Pick the right one for you depending on the storage size you need and the reliability of their servers. Once you have your own cloud computing you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

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  1. Cloud storage has and will continue to change the way we manage our file work. Be it an organization or an individual, with cloud storage, things have become pretty simple and easy to handle.

    Thanks for this info.

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