The All New iPhone 5 Design

We are just a couple of weeks away from seeing the all new iPhone 5 be unveiled at Apple’s media conference scheduled for September 12th. In anticipation of its unveiling, I thought it would be nice to take a look and remind ourselves of everything we ‘think’ we know so far about the new iPhone design and I’ll do another post after the new iPhone has been unveiled, and we can compare to see how many of the rumors actually made it into the device.

I’m pretty sure that most of the things covered in this blog post will make it to the official iPhone 5. All of the rumors are sparked by leaked parts of information from reliable sources – such as factories that manufacture certain parts for Apple and places like that, so it’s unlikely that the information is false – but only Apple knows for sure right now.

The New iPhone Design

The most eagerly awaited change for the new iPhone is probably the design change. It’s not every year that Apple change the design of the iPhone, so it always adds to the anticipation when they do. In-fact, we have only actually seen one really big design change which was the iPhone 3G/s to the iPhone 4/s. The first iPhone and iPhone 3G/s actually looked very similar.

You can see the new iPhone compared to the iPhone 4S in the picture on the left.

You’ll notice that the new iPhone is taller than the 4S, making enough space on the screen to fit in an extra row of App icons to the home screen. Another change you might pick up on from the picture is that the dock connector is much smaller than the one on the iPhone 4S. This is something which Apple are going to be changing across all their devices, not just the iPhone. So expect to see iPads and iPods with these new dock connectors around September time too.

 new iPhone design

The back-plate of the new iPhone 5 is said to be a two-tone metallic material instead of the glossy type material used in the past. This could work really well if it doesn’t scratch (Apple products of the past which have had metallic backs always seem to scratch so easily).

There are also some other design changes which you can’t see on the picture. The new iPhone is going to be around 33% slimmer than the current iPhone 4S, around a third slimmer! I quite like the size of the iPhone 4S – I hope the new iPhone is as nice to hold.

The headphone jack will also be moved from the top of the device to the bottom of the device – which makes more sense, when I put my iPhone in my pocket it goes with the top facing down, so when I pull it out my pocket it’s the right way up! So it will be nice to have the headphone jack in a more convenient position.

Not really a design change as such, but there are rumours of a new even smaller SIM card for this device – the nano-SIM, which is a minute amount smaller than the previous micro-SIM which Apple debuted with the iPhone 4. I guess if they want to keep improving the device whilst making it smaller, they will need to keep finding ways to reduce the space current components take up (dock connector, SIM card etc).

It’s shaping up to be a very nice device! We only have a couple of weeks to go now until we see the official unveiling, I’ll be sure to come back with an update as soon as we see the official device from Apple.

What do you think of this new design? Do you prefer it to the previous ones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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