Top 7 Must Have iPhone Apps

So you’ve recently bought an iPhone 7, and you’re probably now thinking what apps should you spoil it with. So the question you’re probably asking yourself is – which apps are so essential practically anyone will benefit from downloading and installing them?

According to data gathered by, the AppStore today has more than two million applications. And the number is steadily growing. With so many applications, separating the good from bad can be a rather though choice.

That’s why, we’ve made a list of some of the best iPhone apps out there, and every Apple user should have in their phone. So without further ado, here are the seven best iPhone apps today.

Best iPhone Apps:

1.      NordVPN


This amazing VPN for iPhone provides the users with the peace of mind they need to have a great Internet experience every time they connect to a public network. You just need to download NordVPN, and it’s ready to use out-of-the-box. In addition, it only takes around 10 to 15 seconds to change between servers, while other VPNs take up to a minute.

2.     Umano


Everyone likes to point out how people are reading less than ever these days. While this isn’t necessarily true, the fact is, some people are simply too busy to read. Luckily, Umano allows users to listen to articles from some of the biggest and best news publishers in the world, narrated by professional, world-class voice-actors.

3.     Prismatic


The developer bills Prismatic as the “home for all your interests.” The app allows you to select your topics and interests, then automatically finds and curates stories based on the popularity of the post. It also allows users to comment on different stories, communicate with friends and share any article on Facebook and Twitter.

4.     Glympse


With so many accident caused by smartphone, you should know by now that driving and texting isn’t a smart idea. But if you want to share your location with your friends safely in real-time, you should definitely start using Glympse. The app allows you to send a link to anyone in your contact list and reveal your location any time you want.

5.     Sunrise Calendar


Once you start using it, Sunrise Calendar will surely become your favorite calendar app. Some of the stand-out features include the ability to see profiles of people you’re meeting with through LinkedIn, the forecast based on your location and even “smart icons” based on the topic of your upcoming meeting.

6.     Your Extra Life


Even if you don’t really play any iPhone games, chances are, you’re going to like Your Extra Life, because this is a real-life game. The user progresses by completing real challenges, such as nightlife, altruism and cooking. In order to complete your challenges, you have to upload a picture to prove it, and judges within the game community need to verify that the image and your challenge match.

7.      Momentage


Momentage allows you to create and experience a number of moments by combining pictures, videos and even SoundImages into single posts.  By doing this, you’ll easily craft vivid storytelling moments on your phone and share them with either your friends, or the world through social media platforms like the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter.


Before you start installing any new apps, we should remind you that every iPhone comes with a ton of useful, pre-installed apps – including Photo, Message and Music apps – as well as the ever-improving Siri. So make sure that you take full advantage of these built-in applications, before you start overloading your phone’s memory.

Nevertheless, there are always great 3rd party apps out there, and we feel like everyone should be at least aware of these seven apps. While some of these apps might not be your cup of tea, they are high-quality, and more importantly – they are applicable to just about everybody.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list with us. I was planning to purchase I Phone and accidentally came across your this article. Really great article. You should write more on this.

    Anyway, until the time I purchase the iPhone, I will share this article with my friend who has an iPhone Smart Phone. Hope he like this article.

  2. Thanks for this list – its funny, i actually dont own an iphone but i am always on the lookout for good apps. So often they make them for android too, but every now and then i read about iphone apps and stuff and would like to buy one. Then i have to remind myself again the reason why i didnt bought one already. Its silly but the whole reason for it is iTunes. I cant get over the fact you have to synchronize and organize these files that much. Also the tag edit system seems so over bloated.
    Very easy drag and drop on android with the usb connecting.

    So thank you very much, still i keep reading the iphone infos and blogs even though i work on android.

    best regards

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