Ten Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

A blog is essentially an online journal; it is a portal where anyone with something to say can go and create content then invite other people to read it and interact with the messages on their blog. These portals have been around since the 90’s, however, they have been trending hard as of late, especially now that the internet has become more social.

Blogs are vital for anyone trying to build an online presence, having a successful blog means popularity, awareness and huge potential. Bloggers have the potential to generate an income while influencing others. Creating a successful blog takes a lot of time, effort and patience, but the probable pay-offs is well worth the effort. Below are 10 tips to help you on your blogging journey:

Ten Tips for Creating a Successful Blog:

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1.Find a Home for Your Blog: The first thing you need to do is to find a home for your blog, your options for blog hosting is seemingly infinite and it is up to you to find the right one. You can choose a free blog hosting such as Word Press or Blogger or you can opt for a paid version.

2. Write your Passion: Everyone has a message to tell and have something that they are passionate about and want to share. You need to find your niche and write your heart out, stay honest and people will want to read and engage in your content.

3. Create High Quality Posts: You need not be an award winning writer to create a successful blog, however your content should be in-depth and not general, informative and entertaining.

4. Design to Attract: First impressions means a lot in the world of blogging, the aesthetics of your blog is almost as important as the content. Your design needs to be clean, relevant and not cluttered or spammed. Your blog should be easy to navigate with clear directions ever-present.

5. Dedication: Schedule a particular time every day to perform meaningful actions as in to update your blog.

6. Market your Blog: Now that you have created your awesome blog, you need to invite people to visit it. You should submit your blog to directories, interact with social media and collaborate with other niche bloggers to advertise. This may cost a bit and if you require additional finances, take help of pay day loans which are reliable and fast.

7. Interact with your Audience: Take time to interact with people who visit and follow the content on your blog.

8. Monetizing your Blog: There are many ways to make money on your blog, some examples are selling ad space, offering sponsored posts and becoming an affiliate.

9. Blog Often: To keep your audience interested you will need to update your blog with useful content often.

10. Stay True: Once you have found your niche and build an audience, you will need to stay true. Keep your messages relevant and meaningful and you will build a loyal following.

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About the Author: Shameem

I am Shameem, Software Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Chennai, India.


  1. Hi Shameem.

    Blog your passion. Following your passion helps you blog from the heart, and doing this helps you find your blogging voice.

    Many successful bloggers simply solve problems with their unique voice, which makes them stand out. All starts when you follow your passion.

    Thanks for the tips Shameem!


  2. “Successful blog’ may mean completely different for different people. Yea, I understand what you intended in this post. All the tips you mentioned are indisputable.

    Writing about passion is something very important. You can’t blog for long if you don’t know much about the niche and don’t enjoy doing research and learning yourself. The topic that enthusiasts you will definitely push you ahead towards a more popular blog.

    Thanks Shameem for sharing your views about how to make “Successful blog” 🙂

    1. Hi Suresh glad to have your comment on my blog yes i do agree learning always keep you a step ahead and without knowing the niche you cannot succeed on them

  3. Hello Shameem,
    What a nice post for starters. Many newbie bloggers are entering the blogging world because of the monetary part of blogging. If you’re not in blogging for the love, you will definitely fail at the long run. Thanks

  4. This is an awesome post these tips are really helpful bro thanks for sharing
    I have a blog that I can’t say it’s successful but I’ve applyed few of your tips and I really need to apply the rest of your tips so I can build a better blog thanks for sharing buddy have a great day

  5. Having an attractive blog design is very important. I’ve heard from somewhere that Google is considering the bounce rate while ranking the sites. And an attractive design is very important for reducing the Bounce rate.

  6. Simple but needful post for the newbies to shine like a star in blogging.

    Very nice post by the guest blogger, consolidated all the tips in an understandable manner.

    Thanks for sharing this Shameem!

  7. I’m a writer myself and I can’t write about topics that do not interest me. I think a good writer should write about everything. But when I write about my passion, I really do good.

  8. Great post! Indeed. Blogging demands hardwork and you need to produce quality content which actually gives value to readers. Keep it up.

    Best regards,
    Amrik Virdi

  9. Hi Shameem,
    Thanks for sharing the information , i think to be a successful blogger you need to be unique (having own style of presenting things), dedication , consistency , hardwork , patience and how good you market your self.

    Thank You.

  10. Thanks for sharing, the list appealing should the important factor for all newbie bloggers to follow and being become a successful. Me too I feel like I have to follow you advice.

  11. Ten Tips for Creating a Successful Blog is Well Written and a Value of information for your readers. It’s great when this type of information is shared, it really helps. Thanks.

  12. Great post! I feel very glad to read this article. Already am having idea to create a blog but don’t have time to do this but surely i will try to start creating soon..

  13. Its a very useful information for the bloggers. Once you have started a craft blog, there are a few simple things you can do to help make your blog more successful.

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