Technology Advancement And Its Effect On The Current Lifestyle

Modern technology has definitely made a big impact on the entire globe, mainly through the worldwide connections promoted by the Internet, cell phone technology and hand-held calculation.As human beings have progressed, so has the technology. From the rock spearheads to global contacts network, human beings have tried using technology to develop their lifestyle quality. Technology is continually changing the way humans live their lives. From how they eat to how they work and travel to how they entertain themselves, technology has turned out to be an important part of today’s life. However, while technology has ushered in a lot of advantages for humans, it has also been responsible for the evil effects too.

The youth of today is using digital technology to the level previously unseen. Given that technological education is almost a necessity for employment nowadays, this digital existence could be pretty advantageous; however, technology is indeed a double-edged weapon.

Longer life:

Today, the average lifetime of a human being has increased radically, especially in developed, more industrialized countries. This is primarily because of technology. With advanced agricultural techniques and apparatus, the world is capable of producing more foodstuffs with less effort at a lower expense. With advanced treatments and improved medicines, people can check diseases that could have once directly killed them.

Vast knowledge:

Some historians have already termed the late 20th century as the age of “information”. Advancement in communications technology, starting with the innovation of the printing press (15th century) to the popularity of the internet in the early 1990s has helped users with an extensive range of information that was previously inconceivable. This helps them with more information and better education.

Mechanized demolition:

technology advancement

Although technology has vastly developed the overall human existence, it has also invented the devices to kill mass people in a short time frame – something that was impossible at one point of time. Even though the ultimate utility of nuclear weapons is an issue of constant debate, they do provide mankind with the tools of drawing themselves to the verge of extinction.

A faster revolving planet:

Advanced technology has made everything happen quicker. You learn faster, communicate faster and events of global significance seem to take place quicker and with growing frequency. In a nutshell, modern technology has increased the pace of human social progress. 


Despite the advancement of communications technology that has made the conversation process a lot simpler, it has made humans more secluded. Computers have considerably lowered the amount of face-to-face contact individuals once treasured. Instead of the opulence of face-to-face contact, a lot of people opt for the fairly pale happiness of Web social networking.

Affects privacy:

With the advancement of the Internet, especially in terms of search engine performance and information indexing, it has become increasingly tough for people to retain their privacy. Plainly speaking, a lot of people unknowingly share their personal details with others over social networking platforms. For a majority of the people, this is a source of extreme concern and anxiety.

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