Teaching people about social media!! Guide for 2013

Here are wonderful guides for all the folks who want to practice social media learning classes. These tips are really helpful if you apply them. 

Have a brief introduction with the audience

First of all you should know each and every individual .Get a brief introduction of all the participants. Ask about every import thing that you need to know like their business, field of interest, prior experiences and knowledge related to social media. Previous experiences of marketing. These factors are really essential for a trainer to know.

Plan a strategy

Plot a proper plan to teach them about social marketing. You should be clear about your own goal and by the end of lesson it must be achieved. Make sure that you are fully prepared about whatever you are going to teach them.

Have interactive sessions

As long and lengthy lesson might be boring for the adults therefore interactive session must be encouraged in order to keep the students participating and active throughout the session. Firstly grab their attention and then start your work.

Focus on the objectives

The objectives of the session must be made clear in the beginning. Evaluate at the end of the sessions if all of them are achieved or not. Also find out the areas which were not made clear. Make them understand in the best possible manner.

social media guide

Use of various medium

Combination of audio visual sessions should be practiced. Role play could also help you to achieve your goal. Engage all the participants in activities and proper attention should be paid to everyone. All slides should be made on PowerPoint.

Be presentable

The way you are dressed has a greater impact on the crowd so also be presentable while addressing to a huge number of people. Being well dressed also gives you confidence. Never be hesitant to incorporate new style. Keep improvising yourself.

Query about the prior knowledge

Ask the audience how much did they already know about social media. Ask them different questions so that you can judge where they actually stand. Get a clear picture of their knowledge.

Break all barriers

Figure out the barrier which could interrupt while learning. Any sort of language barrier should priory be removed in order to encourage successful learning.

Give them clear picture about social media

Tell the audience about the different use of social media. Also let them know about the benefits and flaws.

Capture the interest of your individual

In order to become a good teacher firstly you should grab the attention of all part pants. Use different techniques like videos and interactive sessions. You might also require other host to facilitate you.

Post class survey

Give the questionnaire to all the participants. This must include all the question which are taught in the class this will evaluate how much they have learnt from the session .The individuals must be encouraged to ask questions if they are not clear about any particular thing.

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