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Twitter Etiquette 101

Twitter is fast becoming a powerful social media platform where companies connect with their customers/prospects on a regular basis. It’s not only being used for interacting with target audiences but is also acting like

Online Technologies Would Be Great Sources To Boost Up Your Entrepreneurship

You have completed your education but do not wish to work under anyone. You wish to become an entrepreneur and open a start up of your own.  But do you that there are already

Is Facebook’s Graph Search a Competitor for Google?

The latest addition to the ever changing cyber universe of Facebook includes what the developers at Facebook are calling Facebook Graph Search. Ever since its beta launch around mid January, the new feature/product has

Social Media Marketing And How To Get Followers

Social media is an interface for social interactions. It includes many techniques and tools that help people to communicate easily with each other via internet through audio, video, images and other multimedia communications. It

Incorporate Social Media in Your Online Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms are essential for your online marketing strategy. Twitter, web forums, Facebook, and blogs,are now spreading the news much faster than a traditional web page. As far as time is concerned, the

4 Steps Strategy for Examining your Social Media in 2013

For the past years social media is getting more popular for many different reasons. Nowadays, many organizations are involved in social media in promoting their products and services. There are different platforms of social

The Negative Effects Of The Social Media

The social media without any doubt has proven to be very useful to the human society. Its usefulness cannot be over-emphasized. The social media has brought succor and relief to many people. It has

How to catapult your business with social media?

Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship is a difficult path laden with innumerable challenges. Every entrepreneur must be well-acquainted with the changing trends of entrepreneurship. These changing trends include the constantly changing marketing strategies