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Best Gadgets Of 2013

This year brought about many ultra-portable, powerful gadgets. The majority of these devices are slimmer and lighter than their predecessors. They’re all certainly more powerful. What were the best smartphones and tablets released this

4 Apps To Enhance The TV Second Screen Experience

So far this year, shipments of computing devices are up by 6 percent to 2.4 billion, with a far greater focus on smartphones and tablets than PCs, TechCrunch reports. If you’re one of the

4 Essential Things a Mobile Application Development Platform Must Have

Since past two decades smartphones have a huge success story and the devices are getting popular with time. Businesses have achieved significant benefits making use of mobile technology including both commercial and industrial markets.

Sony Xperia U: The Smartphone Designed For You

Sony has been making a lot of phones that look like a reduced or enlarged copy of their other phones. I was looking for a phone under 15K and someone told me “Sony makes

What Does The Future Hold For The Internet On Smartphones?

Today’s smartphones have so much expertise behind them, they are in actual fact being described as mini computers. From email capabilities and high-end internet browsers to cameras that match up to that of the

Smartwatch Hits The Markets

If you are a person used to keep your eyes always glued to your smartphone or always sensitive on time while exercising, then you are the target market for this. With the growing speculation

What Makes Apple so Great for Gamers?

The Apple iOS operating system has always been a benchmark for quality in the world of mobile devices, and so far there have not been too many companies that have tried to step up

A Short Review About Samsung Galaxy S Phones

Samsung was a small export firm which was established in 1938 in Daegu (formerly spelled Taegu), South Korea. The word ’Samsung’ means “three stars” in Korean. Today the Samsung Electronics is the world’s leading

The iPhone Apps You Must Not Miss In 2013

2012 has passed and now we all are waiting for 2013. This year we received mixed emotions and ambitions some were successful in achieving their goals while others were motivated to do more. All

iPhone 5 vs Droid DNA

The Apple iPhone will always be a major player in the smart phone market. Apple has built itself a vast number of loyal followers. You only have to see the buzz that each new