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Nexus 7 War : New(2013) vs Old(2012)

Tech giant and search engine Google has already come up with the 2nd generation of their popular

Latest Android News: Key Lime Pie Version 6.0 After KitKat

Avid followers of new developments for Android might already know that Google has announced the latest

Samsung Revolutionizes Your Home

Samsung has recently released a new PC software that will revolutionize the world of mobile devices.

Midrange Marvel: A Review Of The Sony Xperia SP Smartphone

The latest bunch of smartphone flagships are out, and opinion remains divided as to which phone

Six Best Apps for Your 2013 Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner so now is a good time to arm yourself

The Complex World Of Gadget Patents

Patents that are applied to gadgets such as smartphones and other hand-held devices are complex in

4 Steps To Feeling Safer With Your iPhone

Getting the latest iPhone on the market right into your hands might be a joy that

iPhone 5 vs Droid DNA

The Apple iPhone will always be a major player in the smart phone market. Apple has
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