10 Steps You Should Take to Speed up Your WordPress

WordPress is one of the most effective and user friendly open source CMS (Content Management System) to run your website, but due to lack of certain information, many website owners are unable to boost its potential to fullest.

Well, the performance of a website is one of the crucial factors that can either create a positive or negative impression on the mind of your visitors. Therefore, it is essential to utilize all aspects of WordPress to enhance the speed of your WordPress site.

In this blog, we have collected a list of useful steps or tricks that can help you to speed up your site and improve its performance.

  1. Creative WordPress Header Design

Don’t present full post in your main page because it contains 5 or 10 total posts on the same page. It can create trouble for the end users if each of your posts showed in full-text mode. It is capable of slowing down your website.

If you want to show excerpt, you should open your index.php and find:

<?php the_content(__(‘(more…)’)); ?>

You can replace with this:

<?php the_excerpt(__(‘(more…)’)); ?>
  1. Divide Long Posts in Several Pages

If you are creating a mega resource that will require to list more than 100 resources and you will have more than 100 images on your post. Thus, it will be better for you to divide the post into several pages, so a site will load quickly.

If your theme has this function, then you can do this from your WordPress admin panel itself. While writing the post, you just need to enter the following piece of code:


wordpress speed optimization

  1. Cache Complete Created Pages

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is built on PHP in order to make a site dynamic, which means every time when you load a page, WP must pull off queries that slow down the speed of a site.

If you want a solution, then you should use static pages. You can use WP super cache plugin that generates static HTML files from your dynamic WP blog and provide your users instead of processing comparatively heavier dynamic queries.

  1. You Can Select a Good Web Host

Most of the time, website owners hire a cheap and convenient web host provider to save their money. But, it is not good at all as you should choose a reliable and well-reputed web host providers that have strong servers.

  1. Minimize the Usage of External Websites and Cripts

It would be better for you to avoid depending upon external scripts. However, many plugins like MyBlogLog takes lots of time to load a page on the server connection and it can slow down the speed of your site. So, it is best for you to avoid external sites and scripts.

  1. Abstract JavaScript Files

In WordPress, JavaScript files are loaded in all web pages. And, both the small and large file has the ability to slow down the speed of your site.

With the use of compressors, you can compress all the JavaScript files. It can increase the speed of your site.

  1. You Can Cache your Database

As you know, WordPress is completely integrated with MySQL. Therefore, when a page is loading, you can see multiple database queries that can slow down the speed.

But, with the help of DV Cache, you can cache all the database queries and decrease the loading time of your site.

  1. You Can Use WP-CSS

It is a straightforward plugin that uses shorthand techniques. It usually GZIP and removes Whitespace from your CSS files. It enables you to use @import inside a CSS file. It will gaze through your style.css file and place any @import files into it.

With the use of shorthand technique, you can boost the speed of your site because this plugin reduces the size of files.

  1. You Can Reduce the Size of Images

A blog with attractive images quickly engages readers, as compared to simple blog posts. But, it does not mean that you will use extremely high-resolution images. It is because a big size of images used in blog posts can slow down your site, and force you to use more server resources.

Therefore, it will be better for you to use the low size of images in your blogs. With the help of WP Smush it the plugin, you can optimize the size of images with the minimum quality loss.

  1. Update Your WordPress with the Latest Version

It is notably important for you to update your WordPress website with the latest version on the regular basis. It can help you enhance the performance of a website. In order, to protect your site from the spammers, viruses, stay updated with the latest release of WordPress.


With the help of these 10 tricks, you can increase the speed of your WordPress site and also boost its performance. Well, it is also important for you to follow all steps intelligently and deliberately.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret works for WPGeeks Ltd. as a Sr. WordPress Developer and specialized of converting HTML to WordPress theme with guaranteed 100% client satisfaction. She is a creative girl with hobbies of writing technical WordPress tutorials. Follow her company on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Hi,
    I personally try to reduce the size of the images. I also use WP-Cache plugin. It helps in reducing the time of the wordpress site. On this site, I learned some more methods to improve the loading time and I will surely implement them on my wordpress blog.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. This is a very lovely tutorial Lucy
    Ensuring that your site loads very fast is of utmost importance.

    Having a slow loading site will only be causing you your visitors and even money so, why not go and speed up your website.

    All the tips you shared here are also cool and I have no doubt at all that they works.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing article but you can also use the cmscompress for speed up your wordpress site and this is the best shortcut and best alternative. just go to the editor and then copy all the coding and then put them on the cmscompressor site and then take the fresh one optimize content and then put that on the site editor….. thanks a lot bro for sharing this article

  4. Hi Shameem ,

    this is an incredible post ,this will help to learn a lot about How to optimize wordpress website speed . Thank you for putting all these at one place for easy reference.

    Thank You

    Best Regards

  5. I would love to increase the website speed of my webpage because I heard that google search engine gives priority to fast loading sites. So I love your suggestions and would definitely give it a try!

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