Some of The Estimated Features of HTC One Mini

HTC One is an android smartphone manufactured by HTC. HTC is a Taiwanese company which launched HTC One in 2012. It is the successor of HTC One X which due to poor marketing efforts faced saleable problems. Very recently HTC announced the release of an improvised version of HTC One likely to be released in August 2013. This improved and mini version of HTC One is apparently known as the HTC One Mini. HTC itself yet has not made any confirm declarations regarding it but assumed information from technology experts reveal many of its features.

The Assumed Features:

  • As per the User Agent Profile, HTC websites and other summaries provided by technology experts the HTC One Mini will possess 4.3 inch high definition display.

  • The resolution capacity will be 720*1280 pixels with dual core processing system.

  • Due to lack of conformity by HTC itself it is assumed that this version of HTC android smartphones will utilize the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System. Thus the software system of HTC One Mini will support Android 4.2.2 along with Sense user interface.

  • We all more or less have some idea about Graphical User Interface. The Graphical User Interface allows the interaction between users and electronic devices. Opposed to text commands or typed commands it makes use of images or graphics.

  • It transforms information to any user via graphical indicators. They are widely used in computers and many hand held devices. The hand held devices in which they are used are video games, MP3 Players, mobile phones etc.Β Utilizing the same concept, the HTC user interface Sense is a graphical user interface. Sense is developed by HTC Corporation itself and as mentioned above is also used for making the Mini version.

htc one specs

  • Among the other presumed features is the hardware system. The hardware of HTC One Mini will consist of Super LCD Technology. This Super LCD Technology is mostly used by HTC. The advantage of Super LCD over regular form of LCD is that their no air gap between the display elements and the outer glass.

  • Some of the other hardware features will include internal memory of 16GB, RAM of 2GB and an irremovable battery. Further, the hardware will support Wi-Fi internet connection, GPRS and Bluetooth.

  • A 4 MP Ultra Pixel camera will be placed at the back side of the phone with great image quality likely to be of 2688*1520 pixels.

This TFT Touchscreen android smartphone is something people are waiting for so long. All that has been let known by HTC Corporation is that the date of release of this Mini version will be in the month of August this year. Apart from this there is no sure shot information, but various expert visions can be taken into consideration. As for the price rates, again no specified details is being provided but the approximated price is $525 and above. For the Indian Market the price range may vary between rupees 25000 to 30000.

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  1. actually HTC one mini is one of the good and best Android smartphone, its features are really awesome and perfect and fulfill the requirements of users like me, very good article on HTC one

  2. HTC has emerged a lot in the last two years in the worldwide smartphone market….I am a huge admirer of HTC desire…..and this HTC Mini is looking very promising too…..Its features are too good to ignore….HTC has been able to earn respect for itself even in the era of Samsung’s dominance over this particular market….

    1. Hey Aditya,
      Glad you have got the attention of HTC one mini hope you will get it soon and yes which will give some competition for samsung thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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