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When most people think of a mobile game, they imagine something like Candy Crush or Angry Birds; a simple puzzle that requires basic motor skills to complete. However, what do you do if you want something more challenging and intense? Well, for that, you ought to check out sniper apps. These games are designed to put you in the action with a rifle, a scope, and a mission. Although the setup is simple, it’s addictive and rewarding.

But what is the best sniper app to get? Well, if you go based on downloads, then it’s no comparison. Sniper Ops 3D by Modern Alchemist is by far the most popular game, and it’s easy to see why.

Intense Gameplay

One of the best things about being a sniper is that it’s a challenge to hit your target on the first try. In fact, if you miss, you might not get another shot, and the mission will be a failure. Sniper Ops recreates that feeling and gives you an experience like no other. Best of all, the missions for this game are much more meaningful than trying to shoot birds, discs, or whatever else other apps use. Instead, you’re hunting high-value targets and protecting the innocent. Each shot is another bad guy down.

sniper app for cell phone


Realistic Mechanics

Another thing that sets Sniper Ops apart from the crowd is that it replicates the sniper experience much better. Not only are the graphics amazing, but you have to learn to control your breathing and targeting so that you can make your kill that much more efficiently. Best of all, you can replay missions and they get harder so that you can master your skills before taking on bigger and badder challenges.

Free to Play

Finally, what makes Sniper Ops so valuable is that you don’t have to pay anything to get enjoyment out of it. Since you can increase the difficulty of missions, you don’t have to drop money right away to advance the story. That, coupled with side games and plenty of opportunities to earn free points, means you can enjoy all that this sniper app has to offer without paying a cent.

As far as iTunes sniper apps or Android sniper apps go, Sniper Ops 3D is one of, if not the best game out there. Download it for free today and see for yourself.

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