The Impact of Smart Phones in Daily Life

A smart phone is a mobile phone that can do more than other phones. It offers advanced technology with good functionality. They work as a computer but are mobile devices small enough to fit in a user’s hand. There are many advanced features in smart phones such as internet, e-mail, instant messenger, and also built-in keyboard are very typical. Because of this we say a smart phone is a miniature computer with all the similarities of a simple phone.

With the increasing speed of technological advancement, a Smart phone has become the essential components in our daily life. As we look for more convenience, we also respect the devices, which can combine multiple features and which give us more entertainment and mobility. As the whole world is going into the new phase of technological performance, our needs become more and more sophisticated. On the one hand, we need speed, quality, and effectiveness and on the other hand, these features should be combined in a solution small enough to carry it in the pocket.

Smart Phone History:

A smart phone is one of the wisest and the most convenient technological ideas in the history of mankind’s. The unique combination of features makes the Smart phones extremely useful and usable for different purposes. In pleasure or in business the Smart phones have expanded our capabilities and helped us to resolve our problems in timely manner.

smartphone daily life

This is because of the increasing speed of all decision-making processes in the business and life that the technological companies have come to the need for developing a new unique technological device. Usually, a Smart phone combines the function of a cellular phone and a handheld computer in a single device. It differs from a normal phone in that it has an operating system and local storage, in which we can add and store information, send and receive email, and install programs to the phone as they could with a PDA Yuan. A Smart phone may also be referred to as a cellular.

Some of the effects of smart phones in modern society are: Smart phones are sophisticated phones with unbelievable capabilities with good feature such as email, personal organizer, media software, camera, internet browsing etc. Most businesses have employed the idea of using smart phones in their daily life activities. Smart phones increase productivity in the workplace. One can work anytime, from anywhere and you can get a hold of the employee or the office anytime you need to. Business meetings can also be arranged on the road. Emails can be accessed and client relationships can be managed from the convenience of your smart phone.

The effects of smart phones in the workplace are: There are very few teenagers that do not own a smart phone. Students can have permanent access to some virtual textbooks.

Students can conduct research. Students can update academic records. Students can collaborate with peers while at the same time listening to some music.

The effects of smart phones in education are: the Smart phones grant access to any social networking sites on the go. Keep in contact with people that you know all at the click of a button. Quick access to social networking sites like Face book. Easy access to email.

Check news, sports and weather on the go.

The effects of smart phones on social engagement are: Statistics show that sales of smart phones are increasing every single year and its thought that they still will increase. It forecasted sales of smart phones. Some research has shown that smart phones are not going anywhere. They have become a part of our society. Smart phones are like a mini computer right at your fingertips. With these you literally have access to thousands of applications, emails and Medias.

Nowadays Smart phones are very essential digital gadgets to the teenagers. Sometimes the despite convenience it brings to use, and it might affect our daily life in a negative sense. The overuse of smart phone is the main example. Smart phone can easily grab our attention and distracts us. Usually the students are overusing the smart phone. The distractions lower student’s productivity and take their time. It also lowers the quality of the work done.

Smart phone provide a large varieties of application including games and other media functions. It is much more convenient to use a smart phone as we enjoy all technology everywhere and all we need is to bring our smart phones with us. With the help of mobile data, students can easily access the internet, and make us to use it more and more. This hand held gadget provides convenient and entertainment with easy control and fast access. No matters on lessons or working, students are easily distracted by the smart phone by its multiple functions.

Uses of Smart Phone:

smartphone uses

The overuse of smart phone leads the students to spend less time on work or homework. Those valuable times are misspent by them through gaming and chatting with friends, or using the smart phone to less important things comparing to homework. Their focus will be grabbed onto the smart phone whenever messages get in or notifications pop out. Even they were working before the message and there is a high chance that they will continue to work only after replying the message.

Students also spent less time on sleeping due to the distractions from the smart phone. They might need to complete their overnight work which they should be able to finish with the time spending on the smart phone. The stacking of workload reduces their sleeping time. The entertainments functions of the smart phone also make the students fail to go to their bed early. Chatting with friends with the convenient texting functions makes the sleeping time of the students late.

Smart phones provide us different types of contributions in our household work. Now we can able to control every single aspect of our household works through our Smart phones. Products such as TV’s, security systems, washing machines and even security cameras are now able to control through phones. Smart phones are very user-friendly, portable and also it is reliable.  Even the Smart phones have its negative aspect. We can save our personal information in the phones and manage our transactions through it as well; hackers can easily target this information and can retrieve it.  Smart phones are good devices which are used to communicate with people but can make people too reliant on it and also can break human interactions the old fashion way or by face-to-face communication.

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