Six Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Technology has become an important part of everyday life. It is here to make our life easier, and because developers are constantly working to invent new things, there are a lot of awesome gadgets we can use. Today we will be mentioning a few nifty items that make our lives easier.

Track Star:

People are usually forgetful, and everyone misplaces his keys at some point. Whether you are in a hurry or you can’t remember where you put the keys last night, the Track Star can help you! By syncing the Cobra Electronics Tag to your smartphone and attaching it to your key ring, you will always now where you’ve put the little devils. Just click one button, and call them. Genius!

Social Shutterbug:

The Samsung SH100 is a point-and-shoot camera which doesn’t use all those buttons that you are used to in a normal one. It is simple to use and it is also equipped with Wi-Fi. In other words you can take a photo, and share it on your facebook wall or social media account, or send an e-mail to your friends.

life safe gadgets

Movie Maker:

The Vivitar DVR410 digital video recorder is a nifty little gadget which can record videos and take digital photos. It also supports certain special effect software, and has a reasonable price.

Electronic Cigarette:

The electronic cigarette is without one of the best things that appeared in the past few years. They are microelectronic devices which transform liquids into vapors that are inhaled by smokers. This healthy alternative to smoking has a lot of good things. First of all it doesn’t smell bed, you can „light” it everywhere, and it is also cheaper than the regular one. For more details visit

Multi Tasker:

Everywhere we go, we see people with laptops. From bars, to offices or parks, people have become so dependent on their computers that they carry them everywhere. The latest Atrix 4G Android smartphone by Motorola, and the multitasker can be combined into one super-slim keyboard dock with which you can check mails, and browse the web.

Voice Activated Grocery List:

Sometimes its the simple needs in life that need attention. Who ever thought about grocery lists? Every time we go to the market, we forget to buy something. Scientists have found a solution to this problem: the voice activated grocery list. The device is very simple. Every time you remember something you need to buy, say it out loud, and the recorder will remember what you want. A week later when you go shopping you will have everything you need.

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  1. Hey Shameem! You certainly made a very interesting list of gadgets here! I agree with you that the electronic cigar was quite a hit and from personal experience I must say it is a very helpful accessory. Also, I could not imagine my life without the smartphone or tablet- they open up so many possibilities for us: networking, e-mails, GPS, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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