Siri Vs OK Google: Battle of the Digital Assistants

One of the most exciting recent developments in smartphone technology is advent of digital assistants, interactive programs that gives users voice activated access to the functions of their devices such as the contacts, calendar and Internet search.

These assistants are designed to simulate the experience of a helpful partner at your fingertips, and two main competitors each submit their claim to superiority in the digital assistant marketplace of today: Apple’s Siri and OK Google. Each of these assistants is programmed to answer your voice control questions, but each of them serves their purpose in a slightly different fashion.

Today, we examine both of the most popular options to determine which is the most helpful personal assistant you’ll never have to pay.You can pick up an iphone 6 plus at iiNet, read more about the packages available & get one that suits you & your family.

OK Google

ok google siri

Powered chiefly by the industry leading proprietary search engine utility, OK Google is excellent for finding information online. Speed and volume of information are the focus with OK Google, and users can receive the most relevant information from the Internet in an instant by activating the feature and making a query that starts with “OK Google” after the listening chime sounds.

While OK Google is outstanding at finding and delivering information from the Internet, its reliance on its search capabilities at the expense of context can also be a drawback. For example, the request to set an appointment for a given time can sometimes result in a fruitless online search for the spoken phrase or create a recurring reminder. It also has some trouble recognizing phrases word for word, and although the software typically does a decent job of piecing the general context together, this can be problematic on occasion.


Apple’s entry into the digital assistant wars is known as Siri, and takes more of a focus on user interaction and personality. Siri also uses online search utilities to find information in response to a voice query, and will frequently include engaging quips with the hard information for a personal touch.

The new Hey. Siri features of iOS 8 allows users to activate the feature with their voice, even when the phone is asleep. Siri is also much more capable than OK Google at processing individual words, which is practically required to suit her chatty personality.

As for less positive aspects, Siri aims to add character where OK Google concentrates on functionality, and so it has a significantly longer average processing time because of the complexity of its programming. The “Hey Siri” mode also drains battery power quickly, and may have to be turned off to conserve a charge.

Overall, both OK Google and Siri can be helpful to users depending on what they expect from their digital assistant. For users who value the most relevant information on demand, OK Google is built to shine, but if user interaction is most important, Siri is much more tailored to meet your needs.

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