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Samsung has recently released a new PC software that will revolutionize the world of mobile devices. Introducing the Samsung HomeSync Lite—the cloud storage that will let you use your personal computer at home as a massive storage system. Aside from being an extension of your phone’s memory storage, Samsung HomeSync Lite also has other interesting uses such as being a central control for your home theatre system. Let’s take a closer look at this promising application.

Cloud at Home:

Gone are the days when cloud technologies were limited to our office computers and business phone systems (more info about business phone services). As said earlier, one of the functions of Samsung HomeSync is to serve as a home cloud storage system. This means that instead of having an online cloud storage account, you get to use your personal computer to have that role. You will be able  to save and retrieve your pictures, movies, documents, and playlists from home directly to your Samsung mobile gadget. With HomeSync Lite, users are allowed to store up to 1 terabyte of files.

Worried that other Samsung users may breach into your cloud? This will not be a problem since you have to create a Samsung account in which you have to register all your smartphones, tablets, and home devices so that you can access your home cloud system anytime and anywhere. Note, however, that you can only register up to 6 mobile gadgets (this includes your HomeSync) and 7 family members—it’s for sharing your files as well—for every 1 Samsung ID. Not bad for a typical family size if you ask me.

Your Own Entertainment Center:

samsung revolutionizes

For your information, Samsung HomeSync Lite runs on Android 4.2 or the Jelly Bean. As a result, the HomeSync Lite will let you run different built-in Android-powered programs such as Samsung Apps, The Media Hub, and Video Hub.  Google services (Google Play and YouTube) will also be accessible with HomeSync Lite. You can control this home theatre system with your Samsung mobile device assuming that they are synced. All that you will be needing is an HDMI cable to connect your TV (HD or full HD), and optical audio port to connect your music players to the HomeSync Lite.

Control With Not Just One:

“Where is the remote?!” is probably one of the most used sentences in your household. Fortunately enough, developers of Samsung HomeSync Lite has thought of using various mobile gadgets to be used as remote controls. It also offers different ways you can use your tablets and smartphones to control and navigate through your home entertainment system.

There are four control modes:

  • TouchPad mode will let you control the cursor on the tv screen with the help of your smartphone or tablet. Through this, your mobile device works like the scroll/touch pad of a laptop.

  • Remote Mouse mode will let you use your mobile phone (tablet is not supported on this mode because of size issues) to work like mouse  or pointer. You can navigate through the screen by moving the phone around like a pointer.

  • Mirror Mouse mode works by mirroring or by displaying what’s on the tv right through your gadget. This function will work on Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and other future models.

  • Lastly, the QWERTY mode will make your mobile gadget work like a keyboard. This mode lets you enter text on the TV as the QWERTY keyboard appears on your mobile device.

While Samsung gadgets for the home is not new in the market, this level of innovation is a pioneer in modernizing homes. Indeed, only time tells what technology can let us do next.

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