Samsung: Is Jack a master?

The Samsung smartphone giant has been keeping its products cleverly broad. With options to suit three different operating systems, the Samsung electronics business is definitely not putting all of its eggs in the one basket.The first thing to consider when buying a smartphone is, “what operating system would I prefer?” Options such as iOS, Android and Windows come to mind, and what Samsung has done is release phones with Android, Windows and Bada. This is a very crafty move, expanding the Samsung market immensely.


While Android is popular to die hard Google fans and those who just find the applications better, Samsung also sells Windows devices. Windows is known to even the least interested in computing. Samsung also has an exclusive operating system named Bada. This makes Samsung the triple threat of the smartphone world. While manufacturers such as Nokia reject the opportunity to use the Android operating system in favor of exclusivity when it comes to applications, and solely using the Windows operating system, Samsung says, “bring on the diversity”.

With just over 30 smartphones to choose from, not to mention all the other mobile devices, Samsung truly is aiming to capture as wide a range as possible of consumers. Diversity is a good thing, but it also raises the question, is Samsung a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none?

Samsung’s Galaxy S3:

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has receiving rave reviews and has been compared with the iPhone 5 repeatedly. It makes the list of countless top smartphones lists and appears to be a sensation. It would appear that distractions like manufacturing dishwashers and televisions have not prevented Samsung from developing mobile devices that please the masses.

The manufacturer doesn’t stop with giving the people products they already want, Samsung is also working towards creating things the public will probably want once it comes out. An example of this is the bendable, paper-thin design that is expected to release in 2013. Samsung may just be proving to Macintosh that it is possible to venture out and work on various devices without being detrimental to the innovation of new products.

samsung jack

Maybe this is why Apple products are so expensive. To limit the products that are released is to limit the consumers. Apple does not appear to be providing consumers with basic, affordable products. Samsung, on the other hand, has a wide range of products to gain revenue, which could prove to be useful when creating new, higher end products.

Although Samsung does an adequate job with mobile devices, something about the brand doesn’t appeal to me. Perhaps it’s the aim to appeal to the mass market. When a brand tries to do everything, it doesn’t feel as special. It may go back to the artisanal mentality of caring about perfecting that one great thing, making it not only the best that it can be but also giving it the personal touch. If you just want a phone that does cool stuff, sift through the countless Samsung options. If you’d like a warm and fuzzy feeling about your special little object that you take everywhere with you, perhaps you should look to other manufacturers.

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