RADII – New Way to Find New Friends

It is a pleasure to review an app that’s all about meeting people because we simply love how RADII connects us with like-minded people in our neighborhood.

I’ve always thought how odd it is that I can make friends with people on the other side of the world through the medium of social media but I don’t know the people across the street, RADII aims to counter this conundrum.

The app works with connections’ and broadcasts’, once you’re registered on the app you can set up a profile – a process which is as sleek and easy as possible – and send out your first broadcast; which is basically you advertising to nearby users your interests and needs whilst the apps tries to group you with like-minded people who have broadcasted’ similar interests in a single palatable forum.


My first broadcast was looking for a tennis partner, as my former one had an injury, the day after I sent out my broadcast someone connected to me because they had a similar interest. It turns out she lived two streets away, she’s a few years older than me but we got along well and we’ve now played together 3 times.

Basic Premise of RADII

This is the basic premise of RADII and it’s perfect for the modern inter-connected neighborhood, there’s been a lot of speculation that with the growth of technology the human race will become less sociable and spend more time looking at screens. RADII is radically trying to make sure that future never happens.

This is a social app that has more real social potential than Facebook, the more time you spend sending out broadcasts, looking at others broadcasts and making connections, the more you get out of it; you’ll quickly find that more and more people share the same interest as you.

The benefits of utilised the potential of RADII go beyond purely social ones as well, I plan on selling my Xbox One soon as I never use it and I think to save myself from the hassle of postage I’ll use RADII.

Finally, I’d like to say that this Android app is presented in a very modern and sleek way, everything is accessible with a quick tap or swipe and the interface is cleverly designed to ensure that there’s no chance of confusion or options that are hidden away in various sub-menus.

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