Listen to Google to Protect Your Site from Hackers

Your site is getting hacked – this one of those moments of utter annoyance and helplessness as well when you know nothing about the ethical ways to protect your site from potential hackers.

You are not alone in this trauma. There were more cases of hacked sites in the last year and according to Google the number was increased to 180%. Google, acting as the savior, has demonstrated few precautions for you in order to make sure that your site does not become the next target for the hackers.

Secure your password:

Generally we are now all aware of the fact that in order to make the password stronger we must use a combination of letters, numbers and even symbols. But Google warns us there is more needed yet.

Length should be one of the concerning factor. Normally the passwords become guessable if it is shorter in length. Google also warns not to use the same password for more than one service. Also make it a practice of using the 2-factor authentication recommended by Google. This is so far the best way to fortify your password.

protect your site from hackers

Keep software updated:

Google recommends keeping the site’s software updated to prevent your site from falling into prey in the hands of the hackers. The reason is, older software makes it easy for the hackers to gain control over your site.  You can prevent this by keeping your web server software patched and updating your CMS’s plugins and add-ons.

Contact your hosting provider:

As per Google’s recommendation, while dealing with hacking issue, contacting your site’s hosting provider can be helpful sometimes. When your site is being hacked contact your hosting provider and ask for their on-demand support to help dealing with similar issues. And in case you are in control of your own server, Google advice’s that you must make yourself capable enough to deal with any security issues, whether it is the nominal one or vary much alarming, you should react and take action accordingly.

Notification from the Google services:

There are quite a few services offered by Google which are at their best for notifying you if any occasion arises when your site’s security is being compromised by any third party. The Google Search Console which was previously known as Webmaster Tools is the best service recommended by Google which enable Google’s direct contact with you, the site owners.


In addition to the above measures coming from Google’s set of recommendations, you can also set up Google Alerts which will alert you about hacked content while running another site. These alerts are particularly helpful for spam that starts appearing on your site for hacking purpose.

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