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One can reasonably declare that this is an age of digital media, touch screens and smart phones. You can gain access to unlimited opportunities in every field of life, all you need is a smart phone and an Internet connection. The time is gone when kids used to have limited exposure to computer games and smart technology.

Today’s kids are tech savvy, they get acquainted with the use of modern technology rapidly, which is why they start wishing for their own personal cell phones at a very young age. But it is a parent’s part to decide whether their kids are responsible and mature enough to own a cell phone or not. Even when you consider it right to buy your kid a smart phone, you cannot leave him/her on their own without limiting their use of the internet.

Kids need constant monitoring when they are using the internet because Internet poses countless potential threats to their safety. One wrong step and your child’s reputation can be damaged. Parents cannot just snatch away their children’s phone to keep them safe from harm. In fact, parents should counter the risks associated with technology with the help of technology such as by using parental apps. Parental apps are one of the most valuable android hacks which helps parents in polishing their digital parenting skills to an enormous extent. Parents often feel anxious due to their concerns regarding their kids’ use of the internet.

parental apps

  • Does my kid talk to strangers online?
  • Are they bullying others using social media apps?
  • Have they become addicted to Internet games?
  • Is your child taking part in sexting or hate speech using digital apps?

These are the type of questions which keep parents worried about their teen’s use of digital devices. There are various apps available to help parents monitor their kids smartly and digitally among which one of the most desirable apps these days is FamilyTime parental app.

family time parental app

FamilyTime Parental App

FamilyTime comes with a complete package of extremely considerate benefits for helping parents play an effective role digitally. Some of the features FamilyTime parental app offers are listed below.

  • Monitor Contacts, Call Logs and SMS history: You can monitor the contacts, text messages sent or received from your teen’s cell phone to make sure your kids are not being targeted by hate speech or they are not involved in sexting or flirtation. With that you can also keep an eye on their call logs to see who you kids come in contact with.
  • Wachlist Contacts: Parents can add any suspicious contact in the watchlist to get notified every time any interaction is made with that contact.
  • Lock Screen: Parents can lock their teen’s cell phone using their FamilyTime dashboard, whenever they want their kids to get disconnected from their devices.
  • Check Browsing History and Apps: Parents can check browsing history and can also view the list of installed apps on their kid’s phone.
  • Block Apps: Parents can block inappropriate apps from their teen’s smart phone by adding those apps in the blacklist.
  • Track Location: Parents can track their teen’s location to ensure their safety by using FamilyTime’s location tracking.
  • Geo-Fence Places: It even allows parents to create virtual Geo-fences around the location and can get push notifications every time their kids enter or leave a Geo-fenced location.

Give this app a try for free. You can get the app from your app store say Google Plus or iTunes.

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