nokia spy phone

Nokia Spy to Shape the Lives of its Users

Technology has played an important role in streamlining our relationship status. Cell phones, where they have scrutinized your private life, they also have helped them to clear their minds and monitor activities…

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samsung galaxy

Samsung Makes Progress in Taking over the Galaxy

I’ll never forget the first time I saw an iPhone. I was sitting on a London tube on my way into the office, glum faces all around, and a copy of…

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Chutes and Ladders of Love

Feeling like putting a little spice into your relationships? How about playing a game of Chutes and Ladders of Love? See who comes out a winner and happily betrothed as…

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Android and iOS

Android and iOS proving to be tough competition for RIM

Despite their monumental problems, Both Android and Apple aren’t in as bad a shape as Blackberry. Research In Motion (RIM) appears to have been hit hardest financially even though it…

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ipad wifi is not connecting

IPad is not Connecting to WiFi – Follow the Tips

Many people sell off their Apple iPad only for the reason that it does not connect with Internet,wondering that now it’s busted. For many users, internet definitely is really an…

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Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Nokia Lumia 920 is the second generation Windows phone to be released by Nokia after the success of the Nokia Lumia 800. The Lumia 920 is a much improved version of…

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online scammers

How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed Online? Several Ways

The modern era roams around the use of internet and lots of websites every time for the ease of work and entertainment deals.  There is a wide series of professional…

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iPhone 5

Know Apple iPhone 5 In And Out – Review

Apple iPhone 5 provides brilliant exterior finishing and endurable performance. It also provides a great experience to the users those who want to have innovative experience with everything. Even though…

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nexus 4 android phone

Nexus 4 – An Android Phone That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Google Nexus 4 is certainly a killer on the move. It comes with a slew of smashing features, ridiculously low pricing and a thumping performance that can only be rivaled by…

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iphone features

How to Adjust Volume and Sound Notifications on your iphone

The Sounds settings pane shown in Figure 13-4 is where you can adjust all the sound-related options on your iPhone. If you’re sick of the noises your phone makes when a…

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