lcd screen tv

Plasma Versus LCD Screen TVs – Which is Better?

The battle between plasma and LCD screens is one consumers have followed since the beginning of HDTVs, but recently it seems to have died down. If you’re looking for a…

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top 5 android phones

Top 5 Android Phones For This Christmas

One cannot imagine the festival of Christmas without gifts. As Christmas is a festival of gifts and blessings, everybody must be thinking of the best gift for their loved ones….

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iphone accessories

Christmas 2012: Top 8 iPhone Accessories!

Apple and Christmas can be a perfect combination. Nope! This is not about buffet dinners; this concerns the latest iPhone accessories available in the market this Christmas. With almost everyone…

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android security

Internet Security for your Android Device

Many people currently use Android devices to access the Internet. Mobile devices provide the convenience of quick access the Internet from practically any place. However, several Android users do not…

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The Grinch Who Stole Data

Source: Every person who has anything to do with data knows a Grinch or two, and the deadliness of his hacking actions. 2012 was another noteworthy year for the…

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smartphone app installer

How to Get Android App Installer Working On your Smartphone

If you own a smartphone then chances are it is running on the Android platform. Android is one of the fastest growing platforms today and has cornered almost 50% of…

slow broadband connections

Troubleshooting Slow Broadband Connections

You pay your ISP good money each month for so-called “blazing fast” Internet access, yet some days your connection just doesn’t measure up to the hype. Have you been ripped…

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internet connection in windows

How to Manually Disable Your Internet Connection in Windows

You may need to manually disable your broadband Internet connection for a variety of different reasons. Disabling the Internet connection may be required to troubleshoot certain issues that you can…

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3D Televisions

3 Tech Trends for 2013

As we enjoy the final weeks of 2012, technology predictions for 2013 increase every day. We may not have mastered the art of time travel yet, but there are still…

wireless network

Improve Your Wireless Network

Improve Your Wireless Network (Without Calling a Tech).A weak WiFi signal almost always means that your Internet connection won’t be running at optimal speed. What’s more, it could mean that…

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