Open Source Intelligence and Online Security

Today technology is ever-present in much of what we do. It is in our homes, our businesses, and our schools, making it virtually impossible to ignore. An important factor of technology is the growth of AI (artificial intelligence). AI software allows businesses to improve, grow and save time and money. With AI companies like Expert System now offering businesses advanced OSINT tools, it is important we understand both what open source intelligence actually is, and how it can be used for security purposes. Keeping yourself and your business up to date on the innovations and different uses online sources have becoming increasingly important- here is a brief guide to help you!

What is OSINT?

An acronym that stands for open-source intelligence, OSINT is the information collected from public – so also open- sources that is then used for intelligence purposes. These sources could be television, newspapers, and of course most importantly of all in this modern age- the Internet. In a short amount of time businesses and other organizations have gone from struggling to get their hands on enough data and information to make informed or calculated decisions, to having so much that it can be difficult to know what is and isn’t useful, and how to organize it. Intelligence collected can be used for various intelligence operations that may serve different external purposes and projects, so knowing how to utilize it is very important.

And what about the security and business options with OSINT?

osint security



It is important to know that the public information collected, and consequently used by businesses, governments, the CIA and others is a powerful tool. Not only does the information give more insight on specific topics and/or issues, but it also gives an upper hand to the online security agencies. In fact, with the amount of public information found, the security agencies can offer protection to businesses or agencies that require it. Because this information is also available to potential virtual threats, security agencies must keep one step ahead and analyze the possible threats ahead of time. With the progress that OSINT is making, government agencies are also more inclined to share their information online with the public, making it easier to access.


Furthermore, businesses can also be aided by open source intelligence thanks to the information gathered. For businesses, the potential importance of OSINT is the possibilities of gaining greater understanding of customers and their preferences. Open source information can offer insights into how customers view a business, and what they would like to see from their products in the future. The open source intelligence device is what businesses can use to analyze and understand their market better, and know if their products and possible campaigns are working or not. The information available is substantial, so the earlier a business starts using it, the faster it will improve!

In this modern age there are a lot of people who might admit to being a little afraid of AI and its capabilities, often in terms of their personal security. But this technology, though it has the potential to have more control than many of us are comfortable with, can also provide us with ways of maintaining more security online and beyond. Of course, it is important for the users and analysts to know the boundaries and rules of OSINT, but overall it can be said that the results are definitely more positive than negative. As technology evolves, open source intelligence will be a great asset to businesses and beyond.

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