No Glasses 3D Android Tablet!

Things have never been the same again with technology discoveries everyday bringing forth newly incredible innovations. Application developer companies are doing everything they can to come up with most compatible applications especially for android. Being a cross platform package, android has led to more and more advanced applications and much of this technology is warmly welcomed globally. With touch screens and emergence of 2D screen views, there is much to embrace now with release of no glass 3D android tablet which comes equipped with the most astounding features. If you like technology and amazing views then this package will prove more worth to you. Here are some of the outstanding features of this tech device.

LCD display: no glass 3D android tablet comes with a parallax matrix LCD display which offers the best display you may ever want. With multiple display colours incorporated to give the user the best view of whatever may be of interest to him. There is no doubt whatsoever this device is incredibly amazing when it comes to outputting the best anti-gravity environment display of characters.

Video conversion: no glass 3D android tablet is one device which offers user the best of combination functionalities. You can be able to convert your 3D video in real time using this device and enjoy the best out display ever. In addition, it’s now possible to convert 2D video version to 3D version using this device and have fun with the most incredible video all in real time.

3d android tablet

WIFI connection: no glass 3D android tablet has 801.11 B/G/N WIFI capability that enables you to connect to wireless network. This gives you an opportunity to surf and remain connected to the internet regardless of your physical location. Again, with changes being witnessed in the social media, this device opens doors for you to remain connected and share information and news feed with your friends and colleagues across the globe.

Processor: no glass 3D android tablet can’t be compared with any other previous version released as it comes loaded with a very powerful processor. Coupled with android operating system, the device is performing wonders in all aspects with super-fast speed to execute software and run programs.

Memory: no glass 3D android tablet comes with super vast memory of up to 8GB on board. 2GB of this is used by the system leaving you with 6 GB for data storage and other important documents. This stands out above the previous version of the android tablets released to the market in terms of memory space available and the incredible finish touch of this new device.

Central processing unit: no glass 3D android tablet comes equipped with a cortex A9 dual CPU rated at 1.5 GHz. This is coupled with a dual mail 400 Gpu which makes this device provide the best performance ever. When looking for the best device to provide the best performance, then no glass 3D android tablet is definitely the best answer to you. It guarantees user super-fast performance, incredible 3D output of video graphics.

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