Nexus 6 – Not Just a Phone, it’s a Phablet

Nexus 6 is the most expected smart phone for its release – with Google and Motorola to tie up and give their bests. The gorgeous 6-inchmonster phablet introduces to the world the purest form of Android phone with its huge display. In fact it is expected to put the users in a state of mind to think of a tablet of 7 inches when a phone is sized at 6 inches in size. It is also the prestigious first device to introduce Android Operating system Lollipop.

Nexus has a very long history. Nexus 1 was launched in January 2010 from HTC. Nexus was taken up for S version manufactured by Samsung in the same year. There was a release of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in November 2011. Nexus 4 was released by LG in the year 2012. This was a great record in terms of sale performance. Again in November 2013, LG was able to release Nexus 5. And this released was the time when Android KitKat version was introduced. And now is the biggest release with so many valuable additions.

Nexus 6 Features

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It has a huge 5.96-inch, high performance snapdragon 805 processor with a 2.7 clock speed frequency and has a 3 GB RAM. Hence the performance is going to near to perfect. Internal storage is 32 GB but models with 64 GB are also available. The battery capacity is 3220mAh also supported by Motorola’s Turbo Charger ability that gives 6 hours of battery life in just charging 15 minutes of charging. Most of the Moto X designs are brought in this Nexus 6. Ring flash, aluminum chassis and dual speakers are retained in this model as well. Camera resolution is 13-megapixels with a 2 megapixel camera in the front end. Optical image stabilization is also included in this Nexus 6. This enables and gives better low-light images. Nexus 6 appears in two vibrant colours – Midnight Blue and Cloud White. It has all good features of a smart phone. With few top phones having finger print scanners already, Nexus 6 is ready to display its finger print scanner like other phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S, HTC One Max.

Nexus 6 Price and Release Date

Nexus 6 with all its features are most expected for its release. Nexus 6 is scheduled to be released in India before end of October 2014 though it was officially launched on 15th October 2014. The phone is to be priced at Rs.40000 in India and you will be easily able to get Nexus 6 at $649 which would be super cheap. These are as per sources and news that leaked out about Nexus 6 releases.

Now that Nexus 6 is almost to be released and out in the market, though it almost replicates Moto X, the size of Nexus 6 which is almost extra-large will make an edge and it’s for sure Android lollipop version will give Nexus 6 a great advantage that the existing Moto releases.

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  1. Looks very promising – I do love the concept of phablets and think that new Nexus can become really popular if the price is as good as fetures seem to be

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