Movavi Screen Capture Review

Contrary to popular belief, screen capture isn’t something that is solely the premise of video content creators. While it is true that screen capture has always been viewed as a great way to create ‘how to’ video guides and tutorials, the fact of the matter is that its potential isn’t limited to that and extends to other areas as well – such as allowing you to record your favorite shows from online video streams as well as save Skype calls, live webinars, and any other content.

Considering how often most people tend to watch online streams, use Skype calls, and consume other types of video on our PCs, having a computer screen recorder handy is definitely a good idea. For that, the Movavi Screen Capture presents itself as the ideal solution.

The two things that the Movavi Screen Capture has going for it is the fact that it is powerful, and intuitive. That combination is certainly potent, and will effectively mean that you will have all the features you need to fully exert control over the videos that you record without having to go through a steep learning curve.

movavi screen capture review

Recording Option:

When recording videos with the Movavi Screen Capture you’ll be able to set it up to suit your needs by adjusting the capture frame, audio source, and frame rate. The software will also let you capture keyboard and mouse actions by displaying keys that are pressed on screen, and highlighting the mouse cursor.

On your part the only thing that you need to do is start and stop the recording – either by clicking on the button or using the hotkeys. If you like you can even set the recording to automatically stop with the help of the timer that is included.

Assuming you don’t know a thing about video formats and settings, the hundreds of presets that come with the Movavi Screen Capture will be one of its biggest assets. Using these presets will let you optimize the videos that you save for any specific device or platform, and all you need to do is select the one that you want from a list.

As you can see it really doesn’t get much easier than this to start to record videos using screen capture software.

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