Motorola Moto X: The Best in Its Class

Motorola is back in the smartphone game with two its most popular device, i.e.., Moto G and Moto X faring well in the highly competitive industry. Moto X was the first device introduced by Motorola after it’s associational with Google. However, in certain markets in Asia and Africa, Moto G was launched prior to Moto X as former is a budget device and is aimed for the masses.

The Difference Between Moto X and Moto G:

In terms of specs, Moto X is much better than Moto G. All the features of Moto G are magnified in case of Moto X. In the former you will find a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and equipped with 1 GB RAM, whereas the Moto X comes with a 1.7 GHz dual core processor and supports 2 GB RAM. The faster multitasking can be easily done in Moto X as it has got a high memory and speed. Apart from this, X sports a much better camera, toughness and also weighs lightly as compared to Moto X.

Key Features: Moto X is well supported by an updated version of Android, i.e.,  KitKat 4.4 which is very well complemented by the quad core graphical processor clubbed with 16 GB internal storage to provide the user with smooth gaming experience. The 50GB Google Drive storage is provided free of cost to Moto X users. It also offers free touch commands using the voice commander with the “Ok, Google Now” feature. This offers great convenience to the user. The ClearPixel technology that has been integrated in the camera of the device offers splendid photos and images even under the unfavorable light conditions. Moreover, the camera software used in the device also offers a host of features for betterment of the photos.

Moto X Vs Nexus 5:

motorola moto x

Nexus 5 is perhaps the closet competitor to Moto X. The specs of Nexus 5 are quite similar to the Moto X and one device leads the other in various departments. Thus, choosing between the two as far as the software and hardware are concerned is definitely a tough choice.

Price: There isn’t much of a price difference in Moto X across various countries and it is available in both locked and unlocked version. At the given price, Moto X offers a good deal to the customers with its good quality primary camera, fast processor and sleek design.

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