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Contus M Comm – A Multi-Faceted Mobile Commerce App Building Solution

Contus M Comm is a launchpad for your mobile commerce app solution. Online store or not, Our eCommerce app builder can help you create a fine app on iOS and Android enriched with several sales pushing features.

Customer Level Features

eCommerce Features That Hook & Bait Customers into Spending More Time and Money With your Store’s Mobile Application.

Mobile Commerce Customer level Features

  • Product searchCustomers shopping can make quick searches for their desired products by entering the commonly used  keywords in the search bar.
  • Store locatorFind the nearest store locator to see products for real or to avail special discounts for offline shopping. Map integration in the mobile application makes customers navigation to physical stores a cake walk.
  • Customer reviewsGenuine reviews & ratings posted by customers via mobile app serve as content for search engine optimization, help win potential customer confidence and also helps bring best selling products to the storefront.
  • Image zoomingCustomers can get a deeper look at the product on iOS / Android devices, their finishing and details by zooming through pinch, swipe or expand gestures.
  • Advanced filtersNarrowing down to the right choice of product or brand made easier. Advanced filters piled with multiple criterion help finding products easier.
  • Multiple payment methodsDebit card, credit card, digital wallet, cash on delivery, gift cards – many are the payment gateway options that customers can choose from while checking out through the mcommerce app.
  • MultilingualThe comfort of talking, interacting and shopping in any chosen language through the app. Customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to shop in a own language that they are best used to.

Marketing Abilities

Mcommerce Features that will Make your Store the First Destination for Mobile Shopping.

Mobile eCommerce app Features for marketing abilities

  • Push notifications – Scheduled and personalized notifications to customer’s iOS and Android apps informing latest product arrivals, offers, discounts, etc.
  • Reward points – Turn mobile commerce shopping into a rewarding routine with reward points for each completed sale. Customers can redeem points as ecommerce discounts against future purchases.
  • Deals corner – App builder for eCommerce can provides an exclusive page or section in the eCommerce mobile app where customers can browse ongoing/upcoming deals. Customers can also add products to wishlists to be alerted when an offer is put up.
  • Promo codes – With Contus M-Comm mobile commerce app builder you can build loyalty and turn hesitant customers into compulsive shoppers with promo codes, discount coupons and gift vouchers.
  • Contests & Polls – Add some live action and merry to your eCommerce store mobile application with contests and polls. Quickest way to increase time spent on apps, create, spread brand awareness and increase app downloads.

App Front Features

A Sleek App Interface Primed with Multiple Integration’s and Functionalities for a Memorable Shopping Experience on iOS, Android and Any Other Mobile Device.

Mobile Commerce app front features

  • Native app – Contus M-Comm eCommerce app builder is native. Pure and unadulterated app experience that renders smooth, glitch-free and zippy shopping experience.
  • Deep linking – One click is all it takes to bring customers from search engine results pages to direct product landing pages using this app builder.
  • High-end security – Contus M-Comm is an app builder that provides HMAC encryption, SSL certificates, firewall etc. From A to Z; every security feature enabled to provide maximum security for user transactions. Of course, no compromise on app performance either.
  • Social logins – One account; one social credential for all level access. Spare customers from the nightmare of having to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access your ecommerce mobile app.

Admin Level Features

An Mobile Commerce App Builder that make the to-do List of Admins Lighter and Easier.

Mobile commerce app admin level features

  • Endless product categorization – Uncapped product categorization to offer multiple product variants and categories to customers.
  • Analytic reports – Contus M-Comm app builder lets you know every metric of your store performance with analytic reports that visualize numbers in meaningful charts and diagrams.
  • Universal sync – Sync with all integrations for accounting, inventory management or order tracking. Your Android/iOS mobile app will be in seamless sync with ecommerce backend.
  • Order tracking – Real-time order tracking that gives prompt information about order status, dispatch and estimated time left for delivery.
  • Payment integrations – PayPal,, Google Wallet and several other payment integrations that help transact every financial transaction across the globe with ease.
  • 100% customizable – A pixel-wise customizable solution. Admins can customize technically or visually endlessly during and even after development to create a truly customized app that delivers a personal shopping experience.

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  1. I have heard of Contus M-Comm as a mobile commerce app builders. It truly great to know that it is equipped with so many features for so many aspects. A perfect choice on any day.

  2. These apps are making customers spend more. I mean, see how easy shopping has become. No more painful queues. I guess with so many stores yet to join the app bandwagon, there is a huge market to tap as a eCommerce app builder.

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