Big 12 Months for Mobile Betting Apps

It’s a big 12 months facing smart phone betting apps. In 2013 a report published by The Guardian stated that 4.3% of UK iPhone users use a betting app. At the time there were 8.65m iPhone users, of which 372k were using a betting app. Factor in the amount of Android users who use their phone to bet and the amount of the active participants would be at least double. This number is only going to increase.

This summer gone saw the World Cup commence in Brazil. Over one billion of the world’s eyes followed the football, the amount of free publicity gained from the World Cup is every company’s dream. The amount of smart phone users betting should increase after the intensity of the World Cup. More people have been introduced to the game and therefore those who are inclined to gamble will create an account.

So these next 12 months are hugely important for the smart phone betting industry. The World Cup has given them a major push but it’s up to them to try to solidify and extend this push with more clientele. The task is made difficult as they do not have a global tournament like the World Cup to do the work for them, the final saw Brits bet a record £40m. Yes there will be Champions League betting and Premier League betting but that’s not an improvement on the World Cup push it is just more of the same.

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Innovation is imperative to every aspect of business: whether that be innovation in technology or just innovation in cooking, you need it to stand out from the crowd, if you don’t you can never get anywhere. In the past we were given the in-play betting markets, designed in the era and still prevalent today. Then there were smart phones themselves. They started to sell well and before you know it there were smart phone apps ready to use. Credit to a few of the bookmakers as they did adapt extremely quickly, many of them had made the mistake of being to sluggish to board the internet train and they certainly didn’t want to miss this gravy train at the station. Then the past few years we have been given the cash out feature. Despite the simplicity – it allows you to cash out your bet whilst play is ongoing – it makes for a more enthralling affair. When you have a five-team accumulator with one left to come in, do you risk it or do you play it safe? Ingenious.

Will we see innovation from bookmakers in the upcoming 12 months as they try to build on this World Cup surge? The answer is yes. More and more are already reacting to the times with many now embracing Snap Chat and Instagram, as they look to broaden their marketing reach. There are also roads being made into social media betting which alongside mobile betting apps could prove to be a revolution. The ability to wager with your friends through Facebook, via phone or PC, will appeal to a lot of people.

It’s a big year for mobile betting. They have the bull by the horns they just need to keep on moving it.

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