MelroseINC Review: The Best Technology Sales, Service and Solution Provider

MelroseINC is a Southern-California based WBENC-certified organization that is a woman-owned technology sales, service & solution provider. It is the only Apple Premier Partner in the US that provides awesome sales and support for entire Mac lineup in the three authorized stores located in Culver City, Burbank, and Hollywood. It provides both hardware and software assistance to its clients and help them in every possible way with onsite solutions. Not only this, MelroseMac has integrated Creative Cloud for teams. Let’s learn more about the product.

Creative Cloud for Teams- What is it?

The Creative Cloud for teams can handle big teams of your company and help them work on the same page effortlessly. Once you get your team working on the Creative Cloud, you will never look back. It is updated regularly with the industry leading apps and services. Moreover, this tool has made collaboration much easier than before on just any device. It takes care of managing the licenses so that the apps can function properly. It is the best Adobe editing software in Los Angeles that you will ever find.

melroseinc review

Why use Creative Cloud for Team?

Creative Cloud can come handy for the teams who are separated by the distances. There are a numerous reasons to use this efficient tool and some of them are as follows:

Keep Everyone on Same Page

You can keep all your team members on the same page and they can access the collection of desktop applications like adobe premiere pro etc, mobile applications, and services on the Creative cloud. Everyone in the team can easily work on the latest version of same application, share the files, and can even get the plan which suits their needs.

Compatible with your Changing Needs

The Creative Cloud for teams delivers the Admin Console that makes it really fast, simple, and affordable to reassign or add the licenses and easily deploy the software. No matter if you have single-app plan or a complete plan, or a combination of both, it works fabulously well for you. You can easily scale up with your workload keeping the teammates in sync.

Create, Collaborate, and Iterate

The members of the team will have easy access to their files, colors, fonts, collaborators, community, and their favorite mobile apps, desktop apps, and services. They can easily drag and drop to their Creative Cloud folders or can directly save to the cloud from the apps. It also provide them access to the adobe video editing software and other selective tools to make the edits, capture the feedback, and work together in sync.

MelroseINC – The Three Leads of the Organization

The company is divided into three major branches:

  • MelroseMAC: MelroseMAC does the onsite repairs and makes the client experience the latest technology. It offers the best data recovery, product consultation, training, order fulfillment, and best customer experience being an Apple Premium Service provider.
  • MelroseTEC: It provides the innovative technology solutions to government, business, and media entertainment clients.
  • MelroseSRC: It provides the best tailoring custom solutions and concierge services according to the client needs.
The Bottom Line

MelroseINC has emerged as a powerful technology sales, services, and solution provider by providing some of the most premium services to the clients at really affordable price. If you haven’t tried its products yet, it is the time now.

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