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The world of technology is witnessing the breaking of a new dawn. This is the sentiments by many of the technology leaders in the world. They have admitted that there is an evolutionary occurrence in the sector. This is because the sector is becoming more developed and advanced. There are very many ways where the people can access news of the happenings of the tech scene. One of the places includes the internet. The use of technology has spread to all corners of the globe. This is by the new development in the sector.

The New iphone 5:

The internet is all up about the launching of the new phone from Apple. The new model is set to be the latest phone produced by the tech giants. It is set to introduce forms of features to the world of mobile technology. It is to be composed of new features that are more advanced that the iphone 4s. This is according to many of the product consultants at the firm. Some of the features rumored to be in the phone include

  • Enhanced Screen

The new iphone 5 would incorporate the introduction of a smaller and leaner screen

  • Support Of 4G LTE

The phone would support new and enhanced 4G network that would work in comparison to the network used in the iphone 4s. Those are some of the feature of the new phone, which would be in any time from next month or this month. Samsung To Sue Apple Samsung has announced that they would sue Apple that the firm would take court action against their competition. This is according to the information produced from Samsung. They have announced that they would seek an in juncture against Apple launching the iphone 5. They said this after the latter announced of the impending launch of their new phone model. The firm would sue Apple if the new device supports 4G LTE. This is because the firm introduced the use of 4G in the new phone earlier. This is by many as vengeance of the sanctions imposed on Samsung over the sale of galaxy tabs in certain parts of the globe. Samsung has reiterated that they would pursue the action against Apple if they launch the phone with the technology.

HP To Introduce Mobile Division

latest technology news

Hewellet Packard is set to introduce a division to deal with the development of mobile phones. The tech giant is set to start operations in the firm of mobile production. This is according to many of the online sites that have indicated that the firm will set operations into the competitive market of mobile devices. Samsung In Court Over Child Labor Charges In China Sources reveal that the tech giant is about to go to court over claims of using under age children in the production of the products. The firm has so far the allegations and is seeking to have the case thrown out. Many of the sources say that the firm has said they know nothing about the case and are innocent.

New Windows Tablet Stirs Competition:

The recently launched has led to competition between the ARM chipmakers. The new RT tablet has had a lot of success unlike many had said it would. The tablet has caused many of the chipmakers to develop microchips that are better if they want to compete with the Windows RT tablet.

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