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Statistics on mobile marketing and share smartphone is not quite reading for Nokia for some time. But the latest figures from IDC data types are undoubtedly the worst.The total turnover of mobile in Western Europe fell 10 percent last year fell smartphone sales up 15 percent, while the soon-to-be gazumped Symbian OS share is down 20 , 3 per cent. Samsung sold more phones that Nokia is now widely in Europe, with more displacement Apple smartphones.

But complete control from Android smartphone incredibly open 27.7 per cent to 35.7 per cent, which is really made for Nokia. OEMs using Android on their heels in the smartphone space break, such as HTC and Samsung, the Google OS to scale new heights.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s new smartphone OS of choice does not even focused on the feature list of smartphone news that Windows Mobile 7 in the column “others” with a mere 6.5 per cent per cent stake.

It is increasingly clear that despite the problems of fragmentation seen, the ability of Android, it is a high end phone like the Samsung S2 kick Galaxy and as a good value as the HTC S Wildfire future ahead of him .

The fact that you can get the gingerbread iteration of the OS on a cheap phone is very attractive, especially if the equivalent S40 Nokia phones use the operating system call. Why a big clued-up users for these, if they can get a smartphone operating system that offers some seriously smart features for the same price? Nokia is a struggle can not win.

Windows Mobile 7 is reserved only for the best smartphone, although it speaks of a Nokia cell WP7 general budget. When Symbian will continue until the operating budget of choice for Nokia, it has the new “Anna” update that can be used. Everything seems less meaningless if Android can work so that the price range.

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Everything goes back to the eternal question should be, at least Nokia elected to an agreement with Android and Microsoft? HTC, Samsung and LG have all, so why not Espoo? The choice of an operating system that looks good, but has not yet broken in running a big risk. If it fails, Stephen Elop will be on his ear and Nokia even more troubled now. Hedge would have been smarter.

Building futuristic design UNO Android and Nokia have done something wonderful. Instead, Nokia is the WP7 wait and all the other marches relentlessly forward. Nokia issues is far from over.

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  1. Nokia Lumia is more better. As for me Nokia is the greatest phone company. I hate Apple and iPhone. Price is so high and quality is so low. It’s only empty brand, but Nokia is good.

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