Latest Mobile Apps in 2015 for Business Owners

With the advent of technology all businesses use mobile gadgets, tablets and smartphones to stay connected. As a company always chasing investors and looking for new customers, it is important to have a team always prepared to deal with marketing and advertising while on-the-go. Furthermore, as the owner, keeping an eye on sales statistics, and making sure your website and social media platforms are updated daily is fundamental to the success of your company. That being said, here are some mobile apps for business owners that are essential for 2015.


Flipboard is a social app that permits users to follow web content that is absolutely vital for their businesses. Feel free to select from a wealth of categories the ones that you’re mostly interested in. Narrow your search and select what you want to see. Choose between news with great impact, latest events or upcoming releases, and do whatever you can to boost the bottom line of your business by keeping an eye on the competition. This mobile app doesn’t just keep you updated with vital information. It is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, thus making sure you don’t miss anything.

mobile apps for buisness owners


This 2015, all successful advertising and marketing plans are driven by content. Link-bait strategies, blog articles, social media promotions, and product landing pages will all require high-resolution images to accompany a given text. Not all companies can afford to pay for the services of a professional photographer. This is where Snapseed comes in. Use it on your mobile device and start providing your company the best photographs. Edit the pics if you don’t like them so much, and make them look flawless.


Believe it or not Twitter is not just used for chatting. Over the years, the app has gone through several fundamental changes. Right now, a lot of business owners have a Twitter account, and that’s because it’s good to reach potential customers and investors by revealing your true identity. People relate better to a business when they know the person that’s running it. At the end of 2014, Twitter has added a few extra features meant particularly for start-ups, namely the Twitter Offers and the Buy Button. Soon enough these will leave the testing stage and will become available to advertisers.


B2B marketing has been completely changed by LinkedIn, an apparently easy-to-use website with a lot of hidden surprises for its users. The LinkedIn app works smooth on mobile, and it can be downloaded for free. Aside from business people seeking work, the platform is an excellent place for companies to build a strong reputation. The mobile version of LinkedIn helps with the strengthening of a start-up’s B2B brand. It helps you keep things updated, including personal profiles and client engagement.


From a startup management perspective, the Pinterest app should be featured on the mobile of all business owners. Whether you have a shoe company, a bakery, a clothing store, or any other sort of business, it’s really important to use your products to bring in more customers with the help of “pins”. Pinterest can help boost your recognition, and implicitly sales. The app has recently added a very interesting upgrading to the News notification. Your followers are now more exposed to the “pins” that you add to your Pinterest boards. The flexibility of posting more “pins” and increasing traffic can only be used on mobile.

Facebook Pages Manager

Let’s face it. Nowadays, all businesses have to maintain a solid Facebook presence in order to thrive, drive traffic and boost sales. As the owner, you mobile must have the Facebook Pages Manager app installed. It will help you keep track of everything; you will be able to send messages, receive push notifications, and respond to people’s comments the moment they’ve been posted. It’s fundamental that you answer fast. This will show that you value the opinions of your customers.

Apps are essential for a company’s success in today’s advanced tech world. They help business people stay connected even when they’re not near a laptop, tablet or computer. These devices are often overlooked. A smartphone however, is the kind of device you can’t live without. This means apps are the ideal way of keeping your business updated and constantly linked to buyers, investors and consumers.

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