All That We Know About The Latest iPhone 8 So Far

The release of iPhone X is just around and most of the iPhone lovers are looking forward to it. However, we still have many who are not able to decide whether they should get the iPhone 8 that is already around or wait for the high-end iPhone X to arrive. Well, for those we have tried to give a whole round up of the low-end iPhone 8 model so that they can understand what this iPhone has to offer and whether they should opt for it or not.

  1. Glass Design

new glass designs

Though iPhone X is the flagship iPhone of the year and it’s what everyone is looking forward to, there are still quite a few similarities in the two iPhones that can keep iPhone users at mind’s peace even if they opt for the low-end model. One of these similarities is the glass design. Apple decided to make sure that its iPhone users should now be using wireless charging for keeping their iPhones up even when they’re on the go. So, it introduced the new design with glass back and front. The glass used in the manufacturing of this iPhone is not any ordinary glass rather it is durable and long lasting.

  1. Display

Apple has introduced Retina HD displays in both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X that are meant to offer better, sharper images. The major difference, however, is that iPhone X comes with and OLED display while LCD display is used in the low-end model. So, if you want to make the most of the display, you should wait for the high-end model to arrive. Otherwise, you can opt to go with the iPhone 8. The new display also uses True Tone technology and comes with 3D Touch and a wider color gamut to give you a truer display than ever.

  1. Camera

The camera used in iPhone 8 is 12mp with a bigger and faster sensor. However, it lags behind in the fact that the camera is not dual lens as in iPhone X. But still it has to offer lot better quality than previous models with its deeper pixels, OIS, and a newer color filter. Portrait mode as well as Portrait lighting are both available in the iPhone 8 as in iPhone X to give you better, sharper, and perfectly-lit images. So, here the two iPhones are squared up.

  1. A11 Bionic Chip

a11 bionic chip

iPhone 8 comes with the most powerful A11 bionic chip that is also featured in the upcoming iPhone model. It gives a significant performance boost to the new iPhone and makes your gadget more power efficient as well. The four efficiency cores in the new A11 chip make it 70% faster compared to the A10 chip that we had in the iPhone 7 models. The GPU has become even better as well in comparison to the previous version of the chip. And, with the incorporation of this high-efficiency chip, the iPhones have become AR-capable as well. So, you can count on this iPhone to enjoy something latest from Apple.

  1. Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 wireless charger

Another similarity between iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the low end model also offers wireless charging capabilities. It even follows the same Qi standard for wireless charging as iPhone X and is certainly a device you can count on. Apple is also set to introduce its AirPower mat in 2018 which will allow iPhone users to be able to simultaneously charge their iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods.

  1. Price And Availability

The low-end iPhone 8 model from Apple is already available in the market since the last week of September. This particular model is priced quite economically at $699 which certainly gives you the best of both worlds. You get most of the high-end features and that too at an affordable price. For iPhone X, you will have to wait another month and even after that you’ll have to buy it for a whopping $1000. So, if you want to buy something immediately, economically and with quite a few high-end features, iPhone 8 is definitely a perfect choice for you.

We’re getting some great reviews about new iPhone already and it’s worth giving a try. So, why not buy one for yourself as well. It’ll be a good choice nevertheless.

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