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Kaspersky Labs is among the most well know and trusted names when it comes to antivirus software and they have now introduced a security app for Android devices as well. The app offers an all-in-one package to shield your Android device from malicious threats. The Android app performs all major security features exceptionally well without interrupting the device’s overall performance. 

On opening the Android app for the first time, Kaspersky Mobile Security will guide you through the initial configuration. An End-user License Agreement will appear somewhere during the setting up process. On agreeing with the EULA you can proceed to confirm to the app that you have acquired it lawfully. In a very user friendly way, the app will then assist you in creating a Kaspersky account and a passcode containing 4 to 16 numeric characters.

Creating an account may seem tedious to some but this is the only way Kaspersky has of making sure that you are the legitimate user of the android device. Without a passcode any unauthorized person has the power to disable the security features on the app and put your device in the way of potential harm. To be on the safe side, conceive a unique passcode that is not too short but that you will have little trouble in memorizing. It’s best if you safely store your passcode in a password manager. However Kaspersky has an anti theft feature that you can utilize to recover your passcode in case you forget it. 

kaspersky mobile security

The Kaspersky Mobile Security app has a simple, no-frills user friendly interface that contains decent sized buttons to access different controls. The app provides a number of features including Anti-Virus, Privacy Protection, Anti-Theft, and Call&SMS Filter. The security features that the app offers are listed on the screen with smaller text under the headings denoting the status of the feature i.e. whether it is enabled or disabled or what mode it’s set on. The last tab on the list of features is the Additional button from where you can access the settings of the app.

While a system scan is running in the background the other apps on your Android device may show slower performance but on the whole the Kaspersky Mobile Security app doesn’t compromise on the device’s performance and keeps disturbances at the minimum. A complete phone scan takes about 20 minutes and it is also possible to scan individual folders or microSD memory cards if your Android device has one. Kaspersky’s on-schedule malware scans are disabled by default but you can manually start one at your convenience or set a personalized schedule.

The app’s one downside is that it offers protection from web threats only on the default web browser of your Android device and doesn’t work on other browsers like Chrome or Firefox that you may have installed on your device. Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for $14.95. It also comes in a lite version that offers only the very basic features.

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kms&hl=en

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