Is Privacy A Thing Of The Past?

One of the most valued things in the world today is privacy, with people leaving no stone unturned in making sure that their right to privacy isn’t violated in any way. In days gone by, it was relatively easier to keep the personal aspects of your life private. However, with the rapid advancements in technology that the world is seeing today, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain privacy, particularly when you’re around anyone who has a high-tech gadget.

Many gadgets are capable of invading your private space without you even realising it. This could lead to many complications, should your personal information make its way into the wrong hands. One of most recent examples of a privacy-invasion issue is the introduction of Google Glass, the latest gadget that Google plans to offer.

What Google Glass Is All About

Google Glass is the latest and most happening gadget by Google, and is actually a wearable computer. This device can do just about everything that your personal computer or smartphone can do, in addition to the fact that it is wearable.

A wearable computer serves the purpose of freeing your hands and eyes from having to focus on your device. All you need to do is instruct the device using voice commands and it’ll do whatever you want it to do, from clicking photographs, to recording videos and making calls.

google glass

This revolutionary new device by Google has been heralded as a world-changer. But having said that, there are also some very serious questions concerning likely privacy invasion as Google removes Privacy Clause, particularly in cases where people might not even be aware of the fact that their actions are being filmed.

How Can Google Glass Invade Your Privacy?

With the imminent launch of Google Glass, it is quite clear that Google removes Privacy Clause, in many ways. One of the biggest worries that people have is the fact that they will be completely unaware of the fact that they are being recorded or photographed using such a device. Such people have argued that Google Glass needs to come with an indicator that warns its users that their actions are being captured on the device.

Another point that has been highlighted by the public is regarding the amount of personal information that Google can get its hands on, with the help of Google Glass. This fear has been looming in the hearts and minds of many individuals who dread the disastrous consequences that they might have to face, should their personal information be stolen and misused.

Lastly, since the device is rather small and not as obvious as a smartphone or any other gadget, the chances of it being stolen are also high. This is a cause of concern for many people who fear for having their private information fall into someone else’s hands.

What Privacy Used To Be Like

Privacy used to be highly valued and looked upon as being something far too precious to invade.

In such times, the invasion of privacy was considered to be a heinous crime that needed the intervention of the law. People would employ the services of a lawyer who would then be responsible for deciding the fate of anyone who dared to go beyond the boundaries of a person’s privacy.

What Privacy Is Today

Today, the scenario is quite different, with the increasing use of technology. Search engines such as Google give you easy access to any kind of information that you might be looking for, whether it’s personal information about someone you know, or information about famous personalities and their latest scandals.

There is hardly a choice when it comes to privacy, while making use of the internet. Most people are aware of the fact that even though the internet allows you to access the information you’re looking for, it also makes optimum use of your personal information.

Google removes Privacy Clause, further highlighting the worries of many. People aren’t too sure of just how safe it can be to have all your information accessible to the companies whose services you’re using, and to third parties as well.

Is Privacy Truly A Thing Of The Past?

With the introduction of top-notch gadgets such as the Google Glass, privacy is bound to become a thing of the past. As most tech experts will agree, it seems the best thing that the masses can do is to accept the fact that their privacy is practically zero, in current times. Coming to terms with this fact is vital and will help you make the most of technology, while being as cautious as you can be about what you share online. 

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