iPhone Applications That Prove Our Smartphone Dependency

It is a fact that we are living wherein communication is a vital ingredient for our existence. From jobs to our households, communication is needed in order to exchange information with our boss, colleagues, and family. That’s why, Smartphones are here to stay for good because it defines communication and enables you to socialize yourself with your other appointments with the help of its mobile application.

Negative Effect of Too Much Smart Phone App Use

Recently a study was revealed telling that we are too much dependent with our Smartphone, which a few have come to realize that it has an undesirable negative effect. Though the benefits of Androids outweigh the negative effect, still if you put too much confidence, then your ability to function independently as a human being is affected.

Like for example, the Application of iOS “Find my iPhone” which you can grab for free, is a type of Smartphone application that tracks down your iPhone in case you’re unable to find it. When you installed this software to your iOS, this will then display a map that will show you the exact location of your misplaced iPhone. Aside from that, it also permits you to lock you’re your digital device that gives you an alarming sound in case a theft snatch it from your bag.

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Another application that proves our dependency to iPhone app is the “Relax Melodies HD” developed by iLBSoft, which is also available for free (trial version), but also available for paid edition. This is the equivalent of sleeping pills since this will allow someone to get a good rest with it relaxing white noise ambiance and other melodies that arouse your sleeping nerves.

“Park me” application by Park me Inc. is also an iPhone application that would help you find a parking space that suites your car size. Majority use this application since it will search your current location, thus helps you find the nearest parking area if you’re unable to get one. Park Me also shows you the exact address of the nearest parking lot, with the exact percentage of how full it is. Not only it allows you to find a parking space, but it also alerts you on how much time you‘ve got left in your ticket by setting a timer on Park Me.

Most of the user of Park Me app said that they could not live without this application, since it helps them a lot especially when arriving late in an appointment with a hassle of finding a parking lot that is time consuming.

Now social networking site is undeniably a craze today, therefore this smartphones develop an application that will bring this website straight from your mobile phones. One of these applications is the “TweetDeck” which allows you to connect with your friends in Facebook, post on twitter, upload pictures and customize your profile. This may application may not be as important as other features that was mentioned earlier but, a according to the experts, these apps that connects to the different social networking site has a psychological effect that reflect on someone’s job performance. It was said that these will make you become addicted, thus you’re losing focus during your job hour.

“iTeleport” is also said a kind of iPhone app that can make someone dependent with. iTeleport lets you control your Mac, iPad and other PC application with one just top of your finger. With this app, you can now access the files from your household PC that you forgot to save in your flash disk. It also has a digitally remote control that is designed to review the features such as your music in your iTunes, skip, and paused your videos and audio files.

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And last but not the least is the “Shazam” that you can buy in your iPhone app store. This easy to use app will allow you to get the information such as the name of the song, the artist, lyrics, official music video, and other exclusive content of a certain file. Why Shazam was included in the list? Experts says that this application will no longer make someone do a thorough research that is beneficial to the brain’s memory since a well research facts can be hard to forget.

Now with this presented information, Smartphone application maybe somewhat helpful to us, but we should not forget that human being is more capable of doing things compare to this digital devices.

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