iPhone 5 vs Droid DNA

The Apple iPhone will always be a major player in the smart phone market. Apple has built itself a vast number of loyal followers. You only have to see the buzz that each new iPhone generates to understand the impact the phone brand has had on a generation; and even several generations (my mum just got one).

With the success of iPhone it would be easy to believe that they have the market sewn up. The truth is though that there are a number of contenders on the market for the mantle of top smart phone. One of these is the HTC Droid DNA.

The HTC Droid DNA

This HTC has an incredible set of features. The specifications dazzled me when I read them. Sure it is a bit big and hard to use in one hand but for what you get in it you will take that. It runs on the Android operating system instead of Apple’s iOS. In my opinion Android is better for a number of reasons. Not least the organizer apps, email and the fact that it is open source for developers. Quad core, better RAM etc. but in reality the iPhone performs as fast because the HTC “Sense” graphics are pretty heavy. The iPhone is even more snappy at times.


I prefer the look of the iPhone. I am a sucker for that iconic look and they have maintained it through the series. The HTC is nice. It looks premium and feels nice but is a bit plain for me. I do love the finish of the HTC but the iPhone just does it for me.

Both phones will impress your friends. The iPhone obviously attracts the eyes of jealous onlookers and the HTC gets a second glance too. If you are looking for a status symbol I guess everyone knows and recognizes the iPhone series and so it pips that race.


iphone 5 vs droid dna

The camera race is won by HTC, marginally. It has a better front camera and the pictures taken are better generally in my opinion. They both take good video but I would give it to the HTC here too. You have to realize that these are both high-end phones though so you will be happy with either camera. The technology in phones nowadays is just astonishing.

The iPhone has slightly better viewing from extreme angles, meaning showing photos in groups is slightly better with the iPhone. However the HTC has a bigger screen so is probably better suited to this task.  The HTC has a higher pixel density at 441 ppi compared to 326 ppi. This is marked but will only be noticed at very close inspection.

Which one of these remarkable phones you go for is really down to personal preferences. They are both incredible in terms of look, feel and operation. You will be getting a great phone whichever you opt for.

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